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0039_ag19409     Coming fresh of the Casino Theme runway show for Haute Couture. Karl Lagerfeld took his creativeness to the next level if anyone can remember the fashion that was held in a supermarket for his ready to wear collection of 2014,That fashion show was out the box thinking, it was not the traditional way that fashion shows are usually done, it caused quite a stir in when it happened.




       So this season for the Spring 2016, ready to wear collection Karl Lagerfeld literally built an airport terminal. The Set looked exactly like airport terminal, when the usually terminals look like people running around in their comfort wear, it tends to smell weird, but walking into the Chanel Airport terminal, makes you want to travel with Chanel Airlines. Karl Lagerfeld took attention to detail that departures and arrivals showed where the Chanel Logo can be found, this move does put Chanel in the forefront of fashion when it comes to France.




      The show was filled to the brim with the who is who in the fashion and entertainment industry. The celebrities were seated on the front row around the terminal and some were seated on the seats that are usually used for the waiting area. The fashion photographer had they own designated area that did not obstruct the view of the other attendees.






       The show started with four male models dressed in double-breasted blazers looking like flight attendants, with Chanel carry-on cases, then follows a model walking in wearing original Chanel Tweed look in a pant suit, plus also rolling Chanel cases, the rest of the looks range from twinkling herringbone jackets, with shell tops, which are decorated with thick black ribbons that screams timeless Chanel. I have no doubt the accessories that were rolled around by the models is going to fly of the shelves in all the Chanel Stores around the world.





0342_ag24320    The whole show showed a glimpse of how airport with fashion consensus people, should look like, it gives a feel that a travelling should not be something that is tiresome and wearing comfortable clothes that are considered unfashionable. Karl Lagerfeld was heard saying that the airport should look like this, he paid so much attention to the details of the runway show that everything fit together from the ground flight attendants, to the trolleys that can be found in the airport. The show made you want to travel the way Karl had projected to the world how traveling should look like.










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