Heath Ledger vs Jared Leto..

Heath Ledger vs Jared Leto..

Aug 11, 2016, 6:37:29 AM Entertainment

Hello Earthlings.......Has anyone seen Suicide Squad yet??? I well I haven't yet although I have seen a camera copy and skipped through the movie....so they are no spoilers in this posts just saying my thoughts.

I remember walking out, of the theatre when after watching Heath Ledger in his second last movie he was in and by jaw had hit the floor because he was the best Joker and made the movie awesome, I was tweaking and internal screaming throughout movie, I never thought anyone could top him. Well Jared totally proved me wrong, in the recent interviews from the cast, everyone said Jared was committed to the role and totally embraced the character, he played pranks on his castmates, the man dyed his hair green people and remember how he became a girl in Dallas Buyers Club, I personally think he is one of the greatest actors in our generation, because he takes his time, to immerse himself in the character his is going to portray,he takes his craft seriously, and that is rare when it comes to our generation, because people  don't take their crafts seriously anymore, we don't take time to nurture it, so it is amazing to see it.

So i skipped through the movie to the Jared parts, plus i had already seen all the previews, i was super excited to watch his performance to see if he could top Heath's performance of everyone's favorite villain and funny enough the man actually topped Heath's performance, it was interesting and exciting to see, i actually fell in love with The Joker again,and that dark side was amazing to watch.I am waiting for it to come out in China so i can finally watch it, and i can't wait to watch it, it is on my must watch list.

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