One Small Step For Man.....One Giant Leap For Chanel

One Small Step For Man.....One Giant Leap For Chanel

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So Karl Lagerfeld did it again, trust the man to take us to the middle of nowhere, a supermarket, the airport and now he takes us to a rocket launch.810 (2)

In the same location has he held the airport, Grand Palais in Paris, they was a huge rocket model held on hydraulics served has the background and the set the scene and the theme of the collection. The rocket was in the centre and the sitting was arranged around it.

You would think the rocket would launch but I will get to that let’s talk about the clothes and the theme of the show,  The model emerged from the sides of the rockets. It screamed 70’s space-age, when fashion was influenced by the space race but the clothes aren’t having tacky has the ones Chanel released. So the theme ran through the whole show from the big hair, to the intergalactic boots that I would love the own one day, they were space blankets that models were warped in. They were new collar style that was introduced the Space Suit Collar, it resembles the collars found in a space suit that astronauts wear.

1020 (8)                 1020 (2)

The classic is Chanel tweed never misses in a collection, it is always nice to see it revamped and yet still keep it original classic look.

Karl’s muse was Barbarella, the big hair, her style was the running theme of the show, the accessories were no different, he introduced the Halo Hair-band, it reminds of gossip Girls, Blair’s headband she always wore, they were also mini rocket bags that are pretty cute and would love to have one. Apart from the normal Tweed and Houndstooth of Chanel there was a bit of silver and sequence that was tasteful use has not to overwhelm the clothes or the collection, fingerless silver gloves.

1020 (5)



1020 (3)

By the end of the show the rocket did launch but since it was held by hydraulics it did raise up, to touch the ceiling with all the models standing around it with smoking coming out, it did bring the illusion that the rocket was going to fly out through the ceiling.

Karl Lagerfeld, always tends to surpass himself every year and every show, the man has an eye for detail and always tends to think outside the box when it comes to presenting his collection, it always something out of the normal fashion shows and always tend to impress and make jaws drop, He always takes people to a different time and place with his shows, he epitomise the sense of fantasy a fashion show is supposed to be like. Seeing his show live is definitely on my bucket list shows to see, working in, cover and document.

Here are some of the looks of the show

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