The "Kin & Roses" Project - My Big Family Portrait

Two summers ago, I spent four months just outside Belgrade, in my country house.
A couple of years before I had already put aside those that for me are the real treasures of my family: about ten albums, some larger some smaller, and piles of pictures scattered in several boxes and bags. I scanned a hundred for now.
From the early 1900s until the ’80s, “Kin & Roses” is my way to celebrate a century made with the faces of my kinsmen: the ones that I love, those I respected, those for which I will be a baby forever or just a picture sent by mail.

The project is fully in progress, but I wanted to give you the first taste. 


My mother was 19 when she made her first real trip abroad. It was 1967. My grandparents were able to gather enough money to pay her a ticket to Bognor Regis. She spent the summer as a waitress in a diner. The skirt of the uniform was very short and she was still wearing the garter belt. So, in 1967, in England, my mother discovered the tights.


I’m pretty sure this is my grandfather’s portrait: I would recognize his eyes anywhere.

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