The Storkes Mith

Family anecdotes are the most fun and nostalgic part of the coffee breaks with my parents. Even if they start to repeat themselves, they still cause the same enthusiasm and curiosity of the first times I heard them. When my father told about my birth, he began with the usual story narrated to children: "The stork brought you to your mother and me."

Some theories suggest that the image of a baby carried by one of these birds in a cloth bundle hanging from the beak, is a misconception. In times past, the families had only the fireplace to warm up, so especially when a baby came to light, the wood burned for many hours a day until early spring. Then, It could happen that the storks coming back from Africa, they chose the warmer chimneys to nest. This would mean that children "bring" the storks, not the reverse. However, in our family myth seems to be confirmed, just according to tradition.

After getting married, my parents spent a lot of time in the countryside, far from the chaotic city life. I am pretty sure that day the smell of the burning wood pervaded the whole house. I can see my mother preparing turkish coffee while my dad was rummaging through his boxes full of tapes searching for the perfect soundtrack. It seems to me I was already there with them… Suddenly, a deafening noise interrupted the slow and gentle routine. It was like a group of helicopters somehow landed in the garden. When they were brave enough to step outside to see what was going on, they were astonished: a whole flock of storks chose to rest on top of the roof and around the garden. No other house in the neighborhood enjoyed this unexpected visit. The beating of their wings was deafening, just like the sound of the helicopter blades.

After two pregnancies ended badly, storks came to reassure my mother that the third time would have been the right one. Then they resumed their journey, leaving a baby bump to rise for the next months.

Published by Angela Varagic


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