14 Reasons to Love Bunnies

14 Reasons to Love Bunnies

Aug 31, 2016, 3:40:36 PM Entertainment

1. It’s funny to watch them groom.
Bunny grooming is serious business. Each day, a bunny grooms itself for hours and even treats its ears like hair. They’ll bring their ear down to the side of their head and stroke it as if they were brushing a very long head of hair. Sort of like a princess, or prince.


2. They can be either very nice, or have a serious attitude problem.
Bunnies will let you know when they love you, and they will also make it abundantly clear when you’ve made them angry. They’ll dart at you, and give you a cold shoulder if necessary. When they’re especially ticked off, they’ll thump at you, or kick their legs back as if to fling dust and dirt into your face.


3. Bunnies are masters of deception.
Don’t try to tell anybody that your rabbit has an attitude issue. When they meet someone new, they will pretend to be the kindest, most perfect bunny anybody has ever seen.


4. They will attempt to date their opposite-sex human.
If a bunny really loves their human, they will attempt to court it. This includes running around the human’s legs in circles to attract their attention, kindly snorting at the one they love, and showing displays of intense jealously if the opposite sex happens to be around. If they like you, they won’t like your significant other.


5. Food-loving, or food-obsessed?
Rabbits will do anything to eat, all the time. If you put a treat in front of them, handle it carefully, because sometimes they get so excited that they may accidentally nip a bit of your finger as well as the treat.


6. Their “I’m going to do whatever I want” attitude.
If you try arranging their cage, they’re going to rearrange it in the way they prefer. If you try to barricade an area and label it as a no-fly zone, they will strike down that barricade and hop right in anyway.


7. They have extreme disdain for when their human interferes with their affairs.
“Don’t pick me up. Don’t brush me. Don’t take my anywhere. Don’t touch me unless I walk up to you. Don’t clip my nails. Don’t make any noise. Don’t exist right now.”
And if you do any of these things, they won’t look at you for hours.


8. Even if they know the word “NO!” they will pretend not to.
Sometimes they hear you, sometimes they don’t. When they do, they’ll wait until you aren’t looking to continue whatever ill-received behaviors they were participating in prior to being disciplined.


9. Binkying.
When bunnies are extremely happy, they will fling themselves into the air and contort their bodies into flips and other gymnastics tricks. This is the number one reason to love your little bunbun.


Bunnies will make a track in their minds and run it as fast as they can over and over again until directed not to. They will use you as a part of this track. They will land on your stomach. It will make you want to vomit. THIS is a show of superiority.


11. Their tongues are a lot longer than you think.
Bunnies like to spit their tongues out of their mouths for about a quarter of second and let them fly around aimlessly. I think it may be a Miley Cyrus impression.


12. Play-time is violently hilarious.
Bunnies love to scratch, throw around, and dig into their toys. If you give them anything, make sure it won’t be missed.


13. What’s yours is theirs.
No, you don’t own anything anymore. As soon as you invite a bunny into your home, they will be the primary owner of everything you used to own. There are no boundaries anymore.


14. Last but not least, bunny kisses.
Your bunny will love you above everything else (except food) and will give you little kisses and plenty of attention to make sure you know that. Bunnies are good and loving human owners so don’t be afraid that they’ve made you their pet.

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Sep 1, 2016, 2:32:58 PM

Bunnies are little treasures-I love mine!

Sep 1, 2016, 2:29:33 PM

Had a good laugh when I read this! We have two bunnies, totally different personalities, but your 14 points are spot on!

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