Dog Therapy and Massage: Learning Why It Works

Dog Therapy and Massage: Learning Why It Works

Oct 25, 2021, 1:57:37 PM Life and Styles

The dogs, it turns out, like massages almost as much as humans do. It also offers a number of health benefits for dogs. One of the most important holistic services you should provide to your canine customers is dog massage treatment.

A Touch of the Divine

Different schools of massage have emerged across the world, each with its own philosophy and practices. Over 4,000-year-old artistic images of massage have been unearthed in the Egyptian Tomb of Ankhmanhor. Some massages are mostly for relaxation and enjoyment, while others are more therapeutic.

Healthy Dogs and Healing Hands

It's no secret that dogs like being caressed, softly stroked, and having their bellies rubbed. Those who identify as "dog people" are typically willing to help. However, it turns out that the story doesn't end there. Many of the massage methods may be used on dogs as well. Because they are mammals like us, our bodies have a lot in common in terms of architecture and physiology.

Stress relief is one of the many advantages of dog massage. Dogs are incredibly sensitive and intelligent creatures. They require affection as well as something to occupy their brains. Dogs can get anxious for a variety of reasons. It has the potential to make children ill or cause behavioral problems. Dogs can benefit from a relaxing massage.

Therapeutic Relaxation

You can almost feel your concerns melt away when you receive a decent massage. It can help people and pets cope with anxiety and stress. Not to mention how great it feels. A massage is a great reward for being a good dog, even if they're happy and healthy.


This is especially beneficial for senior dogs that live in colder regions. Perhaps they aren't as active as they once were, or they have been injured. All of these factors contribute to dogs' uncomfortable stiffness. They may become less playful and mobile as a result of this. Stiff muscle can benefit from therapeutic stretching to increase their range of motion.

Therapy for high-level performance

Contrary to popular belief, many dogs do vital tasks. They serve as first responders, therapy dogs, performers, hunters, and keep trespassing squirrels out of the yard. Others participate in sports tournaments. All of these occupations are physically demanding. On a regular basis, they may suffer from injuries, pain, and exhaustion. Consider canine sports medicine. Massage and physical treatment are essential for all top performers, even those who are four-legged.


Physical therapy is an important part of the recovery process. Massage therapy is a vital part of the healing process. Dogs that have been injured or have had surgery may require rehabilitation. Dogs with chronic illnesses might also benefit from rehabilitation.

Techniques with a Focus

The Thai massage was discussed before. Thai massage techniques can actually be applied to dogs, believe it or not. Acupressure, traditional Ayurvedic medicine, and yoga are all used in Thai massage. It's not as charming to image a dog doing that, but it's true, and it's possible to learn how to offer puppy Thai massage. Other specializations are also available. Consider taking classes in deep tissue massage, hydrotherapy, and other techniques. Sound therapy and aromatherapy are two more holistic treatments that are sometimes used on dogs.

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