200 word story: Spread the word

200 word story: Spread the word

Feb 5, 2017, 6:56:17 PM Creative


You knew the world was going to hell when all of the water supplies began to get poisoned. It was hard to say whether it all started with those access pipelines but the building of those almost gave the green light to the rest of the world for building similar projects.

That was when the water supplies started to get affected. You could have said that this was predicted because so many people had said this was going to be the result. Of course, those in charge knew better.

Well, now that the water was slowly running out it looked like they were finally beginning to learn their lesson. Pity, because there was no going back.

Here we were, trying to give water away that we had collected during the rainy season in various bottles. Most people were charging an extraordinary amount for something that was natural (even if it was difficult to get) but we were determined to help those in need.

If you came to our junk shop you would discover a cabinet full of those various bottles. Our asking price was simply a thank you although a donation to our cause was always welcome.

Spread the word.

Published by Angie Trafford

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