Boys toys

Boys toys

Feb 7, 2017, 6:10:04 PM Creative

Thank you Mike Vore for our photo prompt this week! 

“Oh, for God’s sake, Darren, will you come inside and stop playing with that truck?” Adriana looked out of the window and heaved a sigh when she saw him pinning an American flag to the hunk of junk that he called a truck parked in their garden. It had been there for years, and there was no way is ever going to be roadworthy. She had no idea why he insisted on keeping it.

Darren sauntered inside. “Hush your whining, you know you wouldn’t miss it if it was gone.”

“If it was gone You would be dead. I would miss you, not the truck.”

“You would miss us both.” Darren sat down and grinned at her. “At least I know now that you are going to let me keep that truck forever. So, what’s for dinner?”

Adrianna playfully threw the tea towel she had been carrying at her husband when she realised her mistake. “Lasagne.”

Published by Angie Trafford

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