Characters (part of my plotting workshop assignments)

Characters (part of my plotting workshop assignments)

Dec 3, 2016, 5:55:50 PM Creative

I have actually done quite a bit of work on the three main characters of my work in progress. The story is going to be about Alice although some of it will be told from Jordan’s point of view. She is the main one that grows and develops through the story and also changes from who she thought she was to the person she becomes.
I have already tried some free writing about them so I will provide you with the links that exist within my personal blog.
Please feel free to follow the links provided and you are also able to ask me any questions about the characters as I have done a lot of work behind-the-scenes and know them quite well.
Don’t be afraid to ask me anything :-) I won’t bite! (You can also point out any mistakes as I will not be offended!)
As you can probably see from the dates of these posts, this story has been in my head for quite long time! Let’s hope I finally get to do something about it!


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