Monday journal – 2 January 2017

Monday journal – 2 January 2017

It is a Monday, and the first Monday of a brand-new year. I am determined that I am going to start up my Monday journal once again and keep everybody up-to-date with everything going on in my own little world.

The first thing I would need to say is, happy 2017! I really hope it is going to be a good one for everybody and I hope that everybody’s dream is going to come true this year.

My main goal is (as ever) is writing. I have been working hard on plotting my novel which has been very difficult for me to do because I am a true fly by the seat of your pants kind of writer. I have never actually tried to plan something in advance when it comes to writing. It has been a very interesting experience and has actually given me two different points from which I am able to start the story. I am going to write both of these out and then choose one and follow the appropriate plot that I have written out. Full credit to this work goes to the plotting workshop which was covered by ninja writers and Shonda Grimes.

Other than that I am going to start entering some short stories for submission in the hope that I will see my work published again at some point in the future.

I don’t really have any other goals for 2017. My main aim would be to ensure that my 40th birthday this July is the best that can be. It looks like it is going very well because I found that the Depeche Mode concert taking place in Paris on the actual day! All I need to do is brush up on my French so that I am able to work out if I have done enough to get the ticket.

Now all I need is 30 seconds to Mars to play at some point in the year as well because that would just complete everything.

Feel free to share any of your New Year’s resolutions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you enjoyed it feel free to give it a like, share, or even a comment.

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