Monday journal – sixth of February 2017

Well, we find ourselves on yet another Monday. Welcome to February :-) Here I go with my weekly roundup of things that are going on in my corner of the world.
My work in progress is coming along very well and I am really enjoying the process of writing this in the first person. I wish I had had this idea at the very beginning rather than writing the whole thing in the third person and him realizing I didn’t like it because it did not give me enough insight into the character. You live and learn I suppose.
I am really enjoying all of the different challenges and I have tried to keep them nonpolitical although politics did manage to creep into my piece of work yesterday because I ended up mentioning the Dakota access pipeline. Never mind, though, I have kept it out of everything else!
I can hardly believe that in a week I am finally going to see the comedian Jack Whitehall because it seemed ages ago that I booked this. Mind you, nothing will compare to the amount of time between booking and see Russell Howard! That was two whole years, and I still have yet to see him! It won’t be long now though because the date is actually in March!
I have a busy couple of weeks coming up because I joined a writers group that meets locally. The first meeting will be on Thursday so I shall let you know next week how that went. I am really looking forward to it because I missed the group that used to meet in a library near me because it was a chance to break out of the rather reclusive term of writing. Meeting like-minded individuals is always a good thing to do.
My writing goal is progressing very nicely for the month so hopefully, I will hit that without much of an issue. Famous last words and all that.
Better get my nose back to the grindstone! Until next week, have a good one. 

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