Setting (part of my plotting workshop assignments)

Setting (part of my plotting workshop assignments)

Dec 3, 2016, 6:20:24 PM Creative

My vision is very similar to the picture above only there would be no grass as it is Las Vegas!

The physical setting for my story takes place within a camp where people live in caravans on the edge of Las Vegas. It is known as the freak show grounds and it is also where they perform as well as live.
Alice has always lived within these grounds and, even though they get to travel with some alternative festivals, they still do not get into contact with the outside world. It is like they are living in some kind of bubble which feels like protection to them even though in reality it is a trap.
Jordan instantly recognises it as a trap as he was forced into living in the freak show and he does not really enjoy the experience. It has been the main setting of the story although there are a couple of other places that are ventured out to but the characters tend to always return.
Warren is the person that is in control of the grounds and the people who live there, and Alice is just about to find out that the controls a lot more than she thought. Ultimately, this is what drives her towards Jordan and they eventually run away. However, as soon as they do they realise that they are not really able to cope in the real world as there has been no preparation for it.
Alice plays a pretty central role within the grounds because Warren has built up a tightknit circle around her to try to prevent her from wanting to leave. Without her, there is definitely a big hole that is very hard to ignore for other people.
It changes from that perfect bubble to the realisation that they are all basically prisoners within the place they call home.
Again, feel free to ask me any questions about the setting I have chosen because it is an image that they have built up in my head very well.

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