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As anybody with a disability in the United Kingdom will be aware… They currently benefit which is disability living allowance (DLA) is being merged with a new scheme known as personal independence payments (PIP).
Those of us with long time disabilities have been watching in horror as all the mistakes have been made, such as declaring someone as not needing care when they are in a coma (!) And watching people lose things like the mobility car which is a lifeline to many.
The time has come for me to be changed over onto this new scheme and I have already had to fill in the wonderful questionnaire to apply for it. Today I received a letter telling me that on 3 October I am going to have a face-to-face assessment with Capita.
Capita are an insurance company rather than a medical team so it seems a bizarre choice for the government. However, it was not my choice to make!
I will keep everybody updated on my progress with this claim.
Thanks for reading!

Published by Angie Trafford


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