Fluid Dynamics of Leadership

Fluid Dynamics of Leadership

Nov 17, 2016, 7:43:12 PM Business

Today we hear a lot, read a lot and speak a lot about leadership. Every second or third post on Linked In and Twitter is about Leadership, Leadership traits and who a great leader is?  Some of the thoughts, quotes might even force you to think laterally than longitudinally. Ranging from startup owners to CXOs of large established business, leadership thinking and leadership persona keeps changing.  Some employees look up to these leaders as their role models, but fail to understand the fact that these leaders became leaders not just by doing what they are doing. There are other factors like routine and habits that play a key role in defining and carving of a leader.

Let us accept one thing – Leaders are not born – they are carved. Everyone is born with the same set of body parts – typically. What differentiates a leader from the pack is the way he / she uses the gray matter under different circumstances. That approach of a different thinking or what we call “out of the box” thinking carves a leader out of that person, and it is an ongoing process.

So what is leadership? Leadership is a unique trait in an individual, that is responsible for bringing the whole universe together and elevate every member of his universe to a level where each member starts feeling positive about this fact and they start contributing towards the universe that they belong to.

This universe could be an organization, a society, a community, a nation, anything. Not being political or talking about any preference (I actually don’t follow politics), but a classic example is Mr. Narendra Modi – Honorable Prime Minister of India. For him the universe is India and we can see that every citizen is getting elevated in some or the other capacity and they have started contributing to this universe, in whatever possible way. That to me is the true mark of a great leader. You cannot define a KPI for a great leader because the traits are fluid, its like water.

Leadership has to be like water, flowing steadily from top to bottom so that people can swim – and not drown.

As individuals, we all look up to a leader who can guide us, elevate us and bring out the leader in us. That’s the true mark of a great leader. He/She creates more leaders so that the universe always remains elevated and it does not come down.

Let us all try to be an individual with these traits and I believe with every individual contributing towards their respective universe, there will be no dearth of great leaders to keep our planet “up in the air”.

Published by Anirudh Menon

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