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I am a 19 year old South African with a traveller’s curse. I was born in a small town known as Uitenhage  and ever since I can remember I have been scheming to get out of it. I enjoy pushing my comfort zones and this has lead me to many wonderful, and occasionally tough, experiences.


At the age of 15 I convinced my parents to send me to boarding school and after that it was a struggle for them to get me home again. I would skip from friends’ place to friends’ place on weekends. When it came to holiday time I would pack a bag and gypsy the towns, traveling from one home to the next. Sometimes only knowing where I’m going to sleep half-way through the day.


My life has also always been closely tied with my love for all beings and my passion for nature. Beginning from outdoor adventures at a young age, to volunteering at animal welfares and now being in my 2nd year of veganism.


I began 2016 fresh out of high school and adamant not to go to university until I could answer the question – How can I make the biggest, most meaningful change in the world? Only then, with that question answered, would I know what to pursue for my future. I began my journey by flying to Kenya, to stay with a friend. From there it escalated to volunteering on various permaculture farms, backpacking and hitchhiking through South Africa and Swaziland and attending many mind-blowing, life-altering festivals and events.


I have now concluded that the most meaningful change I can make is a change within myself. Therefore, I am currently in the process of becoming the best person I can.

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