Chatbot App Development: A Business Saviour in 2021 and Beyond

Chatbot App Development: A Business Saviour in 2021 and Beyond

Jul 30, 2021, 7:04:20 AM Tech and Science

One or the time, you might have wondered how people behind a mobile app are available 24/7, answering your queries whenever you raise some. 

Let us correct you here! THERE’S NO HUMAN INTERFERENCE. 

Surprised? Shocked? 

The demand for mobile apps has spiked over the years, and it has become more of a necessity for small and big businesses worldwide. Therefore, there’s growing competition too, which is why organizations are trying hard to integrate a unique element to incline more customers towards them. 

Not to forget, customers can make or break the business; therefore, it is essential to keep your consumers happy and fulfil their requirements. Not only this, but if you have a dedicated mobile app, you must be available all the time to answer customer queries. Which is evidently not possible!

Thus, it is one of the primary reasons chatbot technology was introduced. It offers a seamless user experience along with the increasing efficiency of a mobile app. 

Chatbots are integrated with the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which is another reason they are imperative for a mobile app. 

Are you still not convinced if the Chatbot technology will be beneficial for your business? You’ll be, after you go through the top-notch benefits of the same.

So, take a look! 

Why is Chatbot Technology Important?

1. Seamless User Experience 

Chatbots efficiently resolve user queries and guide customers through the app, which is one of the top-most reasons behind having chatbot tech. Due to the efficiency offered to the users, they stick around and might also become your loyal customer. 

Additionally, due to the integration of AI and ML, chatbots are able to understand consumer needs and offer options accordingly. 

2. Personalized Content for Users 

AI-based technologies can easily collect user data; therefore, the same can be incorporated with chatbots to provide a personalized experience to the users. 

Start by predicting user preferences, building the options, and then suggesting your users the same. 

3. Seamless Onboarding 

Results have shown that once a user uses a chatbot integrated mobile app, there are the slightest chances that the user will turn to any other substitute. Chatbots also help in understanding the mechanism of the features included in the app, making it a seamless onboarding experience for first-timers. 

The best part is that the whole process does not leave any loopholes, making it an easy and smooth ride. 

Isn’t that awesome? We bet more awesomeness is yet to come! 

4. Cost-Efficient 

Chatbots can work as personal assistants, resolving queries, answering questions, and more. Therefore, it eliminates the need for human intervention, cutting down any additional costs. 

5. App Marketing 

Chatbots are also efficient when it comes to providing live data about a businesses’ customer base. Therefore, the organization can work towards building an improved and robust approach, which can elevate the user base. 

Topmost Industries Integrating Chatbot into Their Business

Chatbots are implemented by numerous industries; however, their effectiveness varies. Therefore, if you want to know if it’s best suitable for your business or not, here’s a list of the topmost industries adopting the same.

Keep reading!

1. Real Estate Industry

Every buyer of a house has some specific requirements. For instance, an in-built garden, 3-4 number of rooms, etc. In such a case, real estate chatbots gather all the information about the user’s preferences, and view options as per the same. 

It makes the overall experience much smoother and eliminates a lot of unnecessary time, which otherwise a user might spend streamlining properties. 

2. Travel Industry 

Chatbots are used by travel agencies to recommend the best vacation destinations, book hotel or flight tickets, etc. Furthermore, the tech also provides information regarding weather of a place, best local restaurants, and much more. 

3. E-Commerce Industry 

Product recommendation by chatbots for an e-commerce industry is a common affair. Apart from this, the tech is used to streamline sales. Additionally, it also helps customers view a product, place an order, and track the package delivery.

4. HR and Recruiting 

Chatbots play a tremendous role in communicating with a candidate, automating the hiring process, performing as advisors, monitoring the skillset, providing feedback, and more. It makes the overall hiring mechanism much easier and convenient. 

5. Education industry 

AI-powered chatbots work as tutoring systems, offering a personalized learning experience to the students. The tech also monitors a user’s growth and the pattern of learning to improve the learning experience. 

6. Healthcare Industry 

After the arrival of COVID-19, everything started happening remotely. For instance, shopping, banking, and even the healthcare system began to work online. 


m-health apps played a tremendous role in enabling the users to monitor their health at home. Only the patients advised to visit a hospital stepped out of their house. 

The chatbots integrated with the healthcare mobile apps enabled patients to book their appointments, remind users to take prescribed medication, and more. 

7. Finance Industry

Chatbots in e-banking enables users to view their account-related information such as balance, expenditure, calculate taxes, etc. 

Chatbot Predictions 2021 

What does the future hold for the chatbot industry? 

You’ll know after going through the information mentioned below!

1. Voice Recognition 

As per research, Amazon has sold more than 100 million devices with an in-built voice assistant, which shows us the high demand for the feature. Therefore, the prediction is that voice recognition devices will gain more popularity and will become widespread in the upcoming years. 

2. Intelligent Bots 

Most companies looking forward to automating their process will turn up to AI-based chatbots. For instance, the news industry is highly adopting the tech to provide personalized news recommendations to the users instead of having them search for relevant news.

3. Insurance and Banking Chatbots 

As per statistics, about 43% of mobile banking app users use chatbots to resolve their queries. 

Therefore, this reason should be enough for you to know the importance of chatbots in the banking industry. 

4. Data Analysis 

Chatbots have also become an efficient sales channel. Sure, it provides a personalized experience to the users, but additionally, it also helps in data mining. 

5. Chatbot Call Centers 

Chatbots are now being used by call centers to automate conversation. These centers collect information about the issue being faced by a user and direct the call to the person handling the affair. In this manner, waiting time is eliminated, and solutions are delivered efficiently. 

The Future of Chatbots 

By the end of 2021, the chatbot market will skyrocket as 80% of businesses are likely to adopt the approach. As mentioned above, chatbots help in automating the sales process, marketing, and customer care, which makes it an exceptional technology. 

Now that you’ve so many motivational reasons to integrate chatbots into your business app, what are you still waiting for? 

Are you still not convinced? Maybe connecting with the professionals and talking to them one-on-one might change your mind. So, it is advised to reach out to the experts to gain further insights on the same. 

On the other hand, if you’re convinced, discuss your idea with the experienced, and give rise to an efficient chatbot app development in no time. 

So, are you all set? BECAUSE WE ARE to see your business skyrocket. 

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