Cool Wall Shelves Design Ideas for a Home

Cool Wall Shelves Design Ideas for a Home

Cool Wall Shelves Design Ideas for a Home

Jan 29, 2022, 9:17:02 AM Life and Styles

When all the things are stored and organized in a proper order makes the room more appealing. Whether you are looking for wall shelves design ideas for beauty or to store your stuff in both cases we have solutions for you.

Here you will find some interesting and cool floating shelves from large to small size that will improve your Smart Home Décor Ideas. This kind of wall shelf not only keeps your books, flowers and other stuff but also going to display them in living space.

Here are 15 Wall Shelves Design Ideas for You 

1. Hexagonal Design Shelves

If you are looking for a cool design shelf then go with hexagonal shapes inspired by geometry-themed.

2. Wooden Kitchen Wall Shelf

What is better for a kitchen than having more storage with less space? This rustic shelf also has a towel holder and you could hang mugs or utensils with the help of hooks. 

3. Corner Shelf

Why leave your living room corner empty, it will make the space awkward? Use this floating shelf as Corner Decoration purpose. 

4. Diamond Shape Shelf

It has three tiers which offer plenty of room to keep books and small potted plants. This geometric design also improves your interior beautify. 

5. Open and Close Wall Shelve

 When you don’t want to show your stuff to other people then get this wall shelve for your room. It looks beautiful with half open and half close design

6. Eagle Sculpted Wall Shelf

It is one of the best living rooms shelving ideas you find in today's market. Incredibly detailed 3D eagle sculpted salve and also a good idea to give it as a gift to a friend.

7. Square Shelves

Square shelves have power to grab attention with their attractive frame design shape. It gives plenty of space to store small items.

8. Mountain Design Wall Shelf

Get this mountain shelf if you love rustic. It's going to enhance the beauty of your interior as well. You can Add Texture in Room and rustiness with the help of these decorative ideas. 

9. Triangular Design Shelves

Most people use this triangular shelve in their bedroom because of its oil finish that gives it an adorable look.

10. Chic Shelf

Take this wooden shabby chic shelf to your kitchen. Hang your favourite mugs and its hooks.

11. Small Bathroom Shelf

Need shelves for the Bathroom? Why not try some creative design like this one? This tinny shelve can keep your items and can also hold your toilet paper.

12. Skyline Themed Bookshelf

Its unique design makes it a statement piece. You can mount this shelf on the living room and keep your books.

13. Circle wall shelf 

This wall shelf features a round metal that adds curving edges to your display. It is very pretty for small spaces.

If you are planning to renovate your home for a new and modern look you can take professional help from Interior Designers in Bhubaneswar. They also guide you to perfect the wall shelves for your space.

14. Rope Hanging Wall Shelf 

With a natural wooden accent tied up with ropes, bring a fresh look to your space. It is awesome if you are planning to keep small plants on it.

15. Macrame Wall Shelf

This kind of shelf solves your two main goal decorations and storage. A Macrame shelf can add décor to your empty wall and also use it for displaying any item.


These are some chosen floating wall shelves ideas to make more appealing. Which one you are going to buy for your house. Let me know in the comment section. 

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