Vastu Shastra Tips for Living Room

Vastu Shastra Tips for Living Room

Feb 2, 2022, 12:10:50 PM Life and Styles

If you are confused about Vastu Shastra for the living room, in just two minutes you will get rid of all doubts.

We all know the living room is a commonplace where we sit with our family for relaxation and entertainment. It is versatile. We also use it for watching television, gossiping, reading books and playing with kids, etc.

First, you may do not reason why people do Vastu for their home. Well it's simple to bring positive energy and vibes.

It's believed that by following Shastra guidance it will bring good wealth, health and happiness in the home and also protect from evil spirits. If you want to know about Vastu Shastra tips for Houses. Here, we only talk- about living room vastu.

6 Vastu Shastra Tips for Living Room

1. Living Room Direction

As we talk about the direction of the living room North and northeast of the house.

2. Entrance Door

Usually, the entrance of the house is through the Luxury Living Room. So the entrance door must be open inside for positive vibes.

3. Sofa Seating

Set your sofa in the direction of the south-west of the Living Room.

4. Puja Room or Mandir

The Puja room is an important place in the house. Mandir should be northeast of the house and the living room.

5. Living Room Light

Always have a way to sunshine in your Small Living Room. Natural light from the sun creates a pleasant mood.

6. Living Room Color

Bright colours are good for the house. It helps to increase the positivity of the house.

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