I Was Poked by a Ghost

I Was Poked by a Ghost

Mar 12, 2021, 6:27:36 AM Religion

It’s a legendary house that belonged to James Eldred back in the 1820s.

There have been at least 4 deaths in the house and there is a Native American buried on the grounds.

So is it spooky?

Yes the house was spooky. I’m sure it still is and I’d love to go back (being the investigation happened back in 2010).

It was still day time. The late afternoon sunlight was pouring through the windows as the tour of the house was nearing its end. After we had visited the upstairs portion of the home, we proceeded down to the first level.

Walking through the kitchen in what was a single file of fellow investigators with the tour guide at the front, we were heading out to the yard to get equipment.

It happened so quickly. I felt a strong poke on my back. Strong enough that I thought that one of the investigators was messing with me. I had thought that I was going to ignore them. However at that split second moment, I heard the two investigators behind me exclaim that a piece of the wall had just popped out and hit me the back. I turned to look and there it was, a tiny chunk of the wall was on the floor. I heard it when it hit the floor too.

It was then that I realized what had happened. I immediately shared that I thought one of them had poked me in the back. Unfortunately no one had their cameras on so we weren’t able to collect any evidence. The tour guide and caretaker of the Eldred House approached us and shared that one of the ghosts liked to throw pieces of the wall at people who come into the house. And note that this was the wall not the ceiling. It could have been easily debunked if pieces of the ceiling were falling on top of me however this was a vertical wall and there were two witnesses who saw a piece of it fly out and hit me in the back.

Safe to say the rest of the night yielded some fun and interesting experiences, yes but not quite like what had happened during the tour.

See ghosts are not limited to activity during the night. Paranormal activity happens 24/7. It’s just that evidence collected during the quiet hours of the night yield clearer results.

So what would you do if you got poked by a ghost?

For more paranormal photos, click here: Flickr-Photoschmoto.

My ghost hunter’s shadow, Eldred Cemetery in Eldred, IL.

Published by Anna Aaron

Written by Anna Aaron

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