M.A.C. Selena

M.A.C. Selena

Oct 20, 2016, 9:28:16 PM Life and Styles

It was 19 days ago that M.A.C. Cosmetics released their iconic makeup collection for Selena.

Created in partnership with Selena's sister Suzette, who worked closely with M.A.C. to recreate Selena's favorite worn colors, the Quintanilla family had kept Selena's makeup kit ever since her passing. The collection features 13 products housed in a special purple packaging which was Selena's favorite color. This collection wouldn't have been possible except for the fact that a petition was started two years ago for M.A.C. to create a Selena collection. M.A.C. did the right thing and responded. There was another petition that started at the same time for an Aaliyah makeup collection. Suffice to say, I predict M.A.C. will launch more homage collections to pop culture icons.

The collection sold out faster than any in M.A.C. history even their Marilyn release! Every piece gone. Since many were not able to get what they wanted, M.A.C. announced a restock of the collection slated for some time in early January. So if you missed out on anything, you'll get a chance to snag some Selena. Anything for Selenas!

There are three lipsticks in classic colors and finishes. Most of what's trending now in makeup wasn't available during Selena's time. So you'll notice that she liked bold, creamy reds, soft sheer nudes and matte burgundies. So in essence, these are vintage lipsticks. If you're a Selena fan, you'll want to have them as they'll be the closest thing to 'a piece of Selena'. If you're not a fan, you will be one guaranteed because her story and legacy has touched millions and this collection is a keepsake on anyone's makeup vanity.

Amor Prohibido

The first lipstick is a pinky midtone brown in M.A.C.'s Glaze finish. This was the one that I said I would wear every day and get a ton of mileage on. I was right. It's now in my purse. To me, M.A.C.'s Glazes are reminiscent of the Urban Decay Sheers but have a softer texture to them.

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Como La Flor

...Is just drop dead gorgeous. It's a dirty cherry red color in M.A.C.'s famous Amplified finish. This reminded me of a red I would wear everyday when I was 19. There are little micro sparkles in the tube if you look close. One the lips, you don't see much. Either way, it's just pure glam!

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Dreaming of You

This color is a classic burgundy. M.A.C. describes it as a 'deep wine' in a Matte finish. It's another bold lip color Selena wore that became iconic to her image. While it isn't necessarily a unique color as there are many copycats on the market, this shade will be your new go-to for the fall season.

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The collection also has a mascara, eyeliner, powder blush, five eyeshadows, a lipglass and brush. I still have to get that lipglass, it's so pretty. Good luck everybody! We'll all be dreaming of M.A.C. Selena until January. 

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