Poison Girl

Poison Girl

Mar 9, 2017, 5:16:08 PM Life and Styles

I remember when the original Poison launched back in 1985. It was an intense, sexy and ground-breaking fragrance that became legendary. Amid Calvin Klein Eternity and Giorgio Beverly Hills scents, Poison was a complex fragrance of plum, tuberose, incense, coriander, wildberries, orange honey, tuberose and opopanar. I was too young for it back then but I had friends who rocked it. It became their signature scent and was very much an unforgettable type of scent.

Since then there has been many iterations of Poison, culminating with last year's launch of Poison Girl Eau de Parfum which was only available in Europe, the Middle East and South America. I was able to get an authentic bottle through Fragrance.net. Earlier this year, the Eau de Toilette was launched and I've seen it being promoted recently by Sephora. Since I don't have the EDT, I can't compare the two however since I prefer EDP for the stronger concentration of oils (the true heart of the perfume can be told by it's EDP), it's a definite in the perfume world that the two aren't going to smell the same.

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I tend to not go for sweet gourmand-type fragrances which leave me feeling overwhelmed. However after the top notes of Sicilian bitter orange and lemon fade into the middle notes of damask and grasse rose and orange blossom, it smells so pretty and fresh. When it dries down to the base notes, you're left with a soft, beautiful powdery, warm blend of tonka bean, vanilla, sandalwood, almond, tolu balsam, cashmeran and heliotrope.

It's a fragrance that can cross multi-generational lines. My daughter loves it because she's a fan of almond and vanilla and I can finally wear a modern take on an old classic.

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