What's Happening with Facebook?!

What's Happening with Facebook?!

May 7, 2018, 8:12:06 PM Tech and Science

You know you can't help but notice the changes. More and more of my friends are experiencing these changes and not in a good way. When you're scrolling down the feed and people's posts, comments and shares start to disappear.

Then they start to disappear in a puff of cyber smoke.

One such friend did disappear so many times that I lost count. It seemed every time I would check my Facebook, I'd get a new friend request from him. He had to create a new account because Facebook kept disabling his account which he had for 10 years!

So as with all services that you use, the customer tries to contact customer service, right? Well there really is no customer service. All that Facebook has are community boards and the help section. Getting hold of a real person just doesn't happen on Facebook.

After numerous attempts, he did get his account back up but only after he filed a complaint on the BBB. The frustrating part was no one at Facebook would tell him why his account was being disabled nor who was reporting the account as a violation of community standards.

That is scary.

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg's hearing before the Senate, we were promised by the social media mogul, basically ~a better social media experience.

In fact, we haven't really gotten that. It seems the algorithms or AI that runs through the platform is running amok. The censorship or deletion of accounts can target anyone who posts too fast or likes pages and photos.

It seems to be a daily occurrence where the mundane things you do on Facebook as in sharing a news article or posting a picture to liking a page are flagged as "misusing a feature" or "restricting these actions to protect our community". When really in fact, they are hurting the community.

After continued attempts to reinstate his original account and his backup account—yes the backup got disabled too—he is now on his third and now fourth account barely hanging on. His original account received a fatal message that it was "disabled-ineligible to use". And yes folks, that decision was final.

No reason why.

Not knowing WHAT you did wrong to warrant such a response. No one should have to go through this. I recalled several years ago when my brother had his profile disabled without knowing why. He had to build it up all from scratch and it took quite a while. Many who use Facebook, use it as a way to promote their businesses so having an account disabled hurts the user more so than anyone.

From my own personal experience, I had issues on Instagram and Tumblr. Bizarre restrictions for changing hashtags too fast (hey I'm a speedy typist) and swatch videos (that were taken down for nudity). Yea it was the back of my hand and the highlighter was truly amazing.

Please share, share, share this story and post your thoughts and experiences below. Maybe you've been a victim of this. I'm sure I can write another article on being in Facebook jail because I've had friends go through that too.

We really can do better. Facebook needs to do better. Hopefully things will change but we need Facebook to own up to this otherwise there are other social media platforms on the rise. Let's hope that they can offer viable alternatives to the monopolistic and draconian Facebook.

"Our philosophy is that we care about people first." -Mark Zuckerberg.

Published by Anna Aaron

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