Aug 31, 2016, 3:39:57 PM Life and Styles

I was stumped at what I was going to write about so naturally I didn't want to write. I sat down, reluctantly opened my computer, but it was dead. I had to reach over an older gentlemen's leg to get to the outlet to plug in my charger and he struck a conversation with me. Being turned off to male attention due to past conditioning of creepy men stalking younger girls I was cordial but dismissive. He began to tell me about the surgery he had on his knee and asked me what I did. I told him I taught yoga. One thing led to the next and he was telling me about Alaska. He has been fifteen times. He loves to fish during the months of June until July when the fish swim up river to spawn. He set two state records in one day. The first being he caught the biggest fish at sixteen and half pounds and the silver record of sixteen pounds. He said he was looking for someone to go with him and keep him company. Keeping my fear and suspicious intuition at bay, I let him talk and listened. My barriers began to soften. He told me about all the places he had been. Alaska, Russia, Poland, Holland, England, Japan, just to name a few. We talked about my travels to India so he told me about some people he knew that had disappeared over there. No trace to be found. My anxiety stuck its head through several more times during the exchange until finally he perked up and waved across the room. He said, "That's my wife". And to think, I could have potentially missed out on this mans story and adventures just because I was too busy labeling him. Listening to my fear about who he could be instead of receiving the reality of who he is. This is not to say women shouldn't be weary of who they are communicating with especially when it comes to males, but I saw just how conditioned I was at this moment. His name is John. What John taught me most is that we all have stories, and we all want to tell them. But most importantly, we want someone to listen. I listened and I learned a lot!! Never judge a cover by its book, listen to your intuition but listen to your heart too. People are interesting and you never know who you will meet. Maybe I am stumbling upon the love of humans and their stories.Maybe I am stumbling upon the magic of life and how it unexpectedly brings so much joy, wonder, and connection. Hopefully one day, I get to tell my story to someone. In the mean time, give people your attention. Thats the most precious thing you could give someone. 



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