Gregg and I were sitting by the campfire one night just he, I, and our dogs, Miles and Arya. As I was focusing on the fire, it created so much space inside where my breath felt as if it were infinite. As I closed my eyes and meditated on the idea that every single human, animal, creature, and plant was breathing at the same time as me, I transcended my perceptual idea of space and seperatness. I took an inhale, and as I did everything on the planet took a breath with me. There was an expanding of the Earth on the inhale and a pull back in on the exhale. We are all one. Life is unfolding every second. There is no past or future. Any idea of past or future is just our mind projecting into ether and space. When the mind is silenced we are able to actually see this moment and what it has in store, then its gone. E v e r y s e c o n d. Now.     Now.     Now.    Now.    Wow.    Wow.     Wow.     After every exhale the moment is gone. As if each breath is its own lifetime. We are incarnating from life to life every moment. How incredible is it that every single person is living sixty lives in one minute. Today we went to the Temple of the Universe out in the woods. The wooden house with iron om symbols built into the railing was surrounded by a huge field and tucked away inside the trees creating relief from the sun. We had stepped through a time warp back into the sixties. My craving for wanting to have been on the cusp of discovering consciousness was being filled in this space. The carpet is light blue with wooden walls. Pictures of different yogis, teachers, and icons cover the altar and walls. Such a sacred space. Micheal or "Mikey" Singer was leading the service. He reminds me a lot of Ram Das with his sense of humor so I connected with him instantly. He began to talk about the world and whats wrong with it. He said there is nothing wrong with because its perfect, the problem is us, well our minds, actually. 13 Billion years ago a few hydrogen clouds came together to form a single atom that held inside of it the whole universe we have come to know now. All the energy that is or ever will be was inside that one tiny atom that exploded and created everything including us.    WOW.    Every second can be seen as miracle because it is! What are the chances a tiny planet called Earth would contain the exact amount of ions and neutrons to create human life that would be able to pull metal out of the Earth, create a space ship and fly it to the moon. WOW. Every problem is an extension of our mind saying a certain number of things must go a certain way for us to be okay. It must be this temperature, with these people, in this place, on this day, at this time, or I can't be happy. What?! Thats bullshit. Its awesome we are even having an experience period! Every single person that came before me had to have every single experience they had with other people that led to a chain reaction of my ancestors lives put together with my parents lives that had to play out exactly as they did for me to be here to write this! WOW. So the needing of external circumstances to be a certain way before I can be happy is a silly notion. This is the day that the Lord has made. Every second anew and we  can live in awe or be self obsessed saturated in a mind that is constantly looking for a problem to solve or fix when there is no problem. Saying there is a problem is like saying 13 billion years of evolution and unfolding is wrong. Its like holding up your "desires"  next to the sub atomic particles that are creating the very fabric that is making up this universe. How funny! If we really mediate on this idea then it evokes similar experience of the one I had next to the camp fire. We are all having different experiences that stemmed from a huge explosion 13 billion years ago. Everything happening at one time with every inhale I take and every inhale you take. How beautiful. How special we even have awareness to experience these lives. 



Published by Anna Davis


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