Battered and Broken

Battered and Broken

Wondering if she would even recognize the person, that would stare back at her along the waves edge, she up and ran to see for herself. Burying the person she once was, was an easy task, at first. She let herself become what society made her to be. She smiled less, ate less, and even slept less all to become the best that she could be. She hid her simplistic ways to accomplish a fast paced, cut-throat lifestyle, that she thought she had wanted. Now, cruising down the desolate interstate, she shook her head at her shallow choices in life. As she made it to where the ocean met the land, she cracked a crooked smile at the way the sand pushed out from the sides of her pasty feet.

When she reached the waters edge, she became hesitant to look at her reflection. When the seal on her eyes finally cracked, she saw a woman of small, yet strong stature, staring back at her. This young woman she saw before her resembled someone who had been chewed up and spat out by life’s cruel antics. She could see a woman of whole proportion and yet she felt as if only half of herself were truly there. Anger and disappointment caused a single tear to well up and spill of the rim of her eye. As she wiped the salty tear away, she vowed she would become the person she was meant to be in this world, without the influence of anyone or anything.


originally posted on thesaltlifewriter,com

Published by Anna M. Balentine

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