Her Light

Her Light

The alarm called to her, letting her know it was time to awake. She could feel the effects of the many island drinks she consumed from the night before. Quietly she rolled off her side of the bed, letting her feet plant on the floor, making sure her balance still was not affected by the rum. Glancing over at the man she loves, she smiled endearingly at the peacefulness of his sleep. She slowly let herself rise from the bed, stretching as she stood straight. Tip toeing through the room, careful not to wake him, she made her way through to the kitchen and then out the door.

The alcohol still teased her balance, but she hadn't a care anyway, she wanted to sit on the cool white sand to watch the sun chase the moon away. She embraced the cool salty morning air as she walked along the quiet streets. The few houses that were around her had not yet come to life. She made her way over the dew kissed sand dunes to the beach down below. She sat and pushed her tanned feet into the sand waiting for the sun's arrival. Finally it began to peak over the eastern horizon. The light began to sweep over the blue ocean causing the waves to glimmer. The sun let its light just reach her before coming up into full glory. Seashells, that washed up during the night, were now visible giving her the child-like urge to  collect them, luckily she brought a pail in anticipation of this moment. She walked just along the waters edge, watching the wet sand push out from the edges of her feet, picking up every ocean created shell that came into her path.

Not to her knowing, the man that held her heart  was now sitting atop the dune watching her revel in that moment. He had seen many sides of this young woman and this side was his favorite. He noticed when they had arrived just a few days ago something had awoke in her. She had only been to the ocean one time long ago, but she talked about it with him like she lived there her whole life. She had always told him, that it hurt her not being able to be there. He had watched her go through many trials and tribulations for the duration of their relationship, but this past year was the hardest times he had watched her endure. He could never believe how well she handled all of the turmoil. He was always amazed that she was able to function normally let alone have the wonderful outlook on life that she possessed. He was truly amazed by her strength and her vitality, but more amazed by her happiness and determination for a better life. The girl he can see before him now, was someone he was thrilled to see. She let her free spirit shine through and he knew that the ocean brought it out in her. Her simplistic enjoyment was enough to make him smile from ear to ear. He loved see her this way; seeing her in all of her beauty inside and out.

She had the strange unction that someone was there with her on the quiet beach. She began to look around only to meet eyes with him. He knew he had been caught, so he made his way over to her. She met him half way and they sat down on the sand with her already pulling all of her treasures from the pail. She displayed all of her findings in front of him and began rambling. He loved to watch her light up the way she was now. He let her finish her presentation before pulling her in close to him. They sat there together watching the waves rhythmically come in and out meeting with the shore. This lemony-orange sunrise was the most beautiful either of them had enjoyed.

originally posted on thesaltlifewriter.com

Published by Anna M. Balentine

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