She strolled along the white sand; Mesmerized by the waves' soft touch. With each step she pushed the gritty ground until the clumps toppled around her toes. The pier stood mangled and jagged in the salty mist. The clouds that welcomed themselves two days prior, have realized their worn-out welcome. Magenta slathered, fluffy clouds have proudly taken their place. The sun tore through the fluff, emanating warmth over her bronzed skin. She tilted her head in welcome of the rays. Her long sun-kissed hair cascaded over her shoulders, stretching down her back. She brought her eyes  to a slow opening until she shot her focus back to the weathered structure down the beach.

She let her heart pick up speed, pounding through her ribs, and raising her shirt with each pulsation. Without consciousness her legs moved more swiftly in pace until she was bolting down the stretch of land. The mist began to clear with each stride. The adrenaline lifted as the salt-weathered, wooden beams came in closer proximity. The waves pounded the beams in attempt to aggravate their stance. Despite the power against them, the proud beams stood tall.

She wrapped herself around a beam that was only kissed by the waves. Her breathing mimicked the rhythm  of the ocean. In the tranquil wake, her eyes slowly shut. The pulsation of the waves emanated up the beam. Her heartbeat became internally audible. With each break along the shore the two pulsations began to come together as one. She realized her heartbeat was in tune with the oceans'.


originally posted on thesaltlifewriter.com

Published by Anna M. Balentine

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