Summer Sale Shopping Haul


How are you all? Hope you’re doing great! So couple of days ago I went shopping with my parents and I bought couple of things I think you’d like! So today I’m gonna share them with you!! *I think I like making shopping hauls, I’ve been liking to make’em*

So the first thing I bought was a blue sweater. As some of you know, I don’t like really tight clothes because I feel uncomfortable inside them and it’s not that easy to move, that’s why I like these types of sweaters. Also I like the color, I’ve never had a blue sweater before so, yeah. *Btw, the color looks way better in real life hehe* 


The next thing I bought were some gold/skin color (I think) shoes and they’re just amazing!! I love them! I don’t really like gold color clothes but a little gold looks cool I think.  Also I think these type of shoes with like gold at the front are kinda trending lately *at least most of my friends have’em…idk, I just liked them* 


And the last thing I bought was another sweater. But hold on, this is a striped one. It has dark blue and white stripes *which I used for this post’s image cause I thought It’ll look good*. I also like the neck because I think it’s trending too and I’ve just never liked neckline sweaters and shirts. I love this sweater!!


And these are just pics I took just cause I was bored, idk I just like taking pictures:

Let me know what you think of these clothes cause I think they’re just really cool! Also, do you like neckline? Do you like stripes? Do you like tight clothes? Do you like gold in clothes?

Also, I have a blog and I would appreciate it if you check it out:

I hope to be making more of these type of posts cause you guys seemed to like the last one a lot!!! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and have a wonderful day!!


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