Worst Parts About Going to the Beach


How’s life going? I’m doing good! Today I wanted to talk about something I was actually gonna talk about 1 year ago. Last summer, I wanted to make this post but somehow, I never did it.

But here I am guys, and today is the day! *plays dramatic soundtrack* After a year of waiting, here’s the post!

So, as you probably can tell, I don’t like the beach. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not always hated it, but few years back I’ve been liking it less and less. Of course, if someone invites me to go the beach, I’d say yes – unless I’m sick or something. The beach not only has disadvantages, actually there’s many things I like about it, like its photogenicity *what a weird word*…At the end of the day, you have fun and stuff – but the fact of being there isn’t the most pleasant thing for me. And here’s why:

Worst Parts about the Beach:


Ok, this may seem like the best part cause a lot of people like to show off whatever they think it’s hot in their body, but it’s actually awful! First off, I don’t mind other people wearing whatever and showing off, I’m talking about oneself. If I was a guy, I wouldn’t have any problems with swimwear, but as a girl, I hate it!! I don’t like shaving my armpits nor my legs, I don’t like taking the time and effort, neither the risk of getting cut!

Some of you may be like: Oh you’re just 14, you don’t need to shave! Well yes, I need to shave! You ain’t seen my legs!


  • SAND:

I’ve always liked walking on the sand, I still do. But what I don’t like is when it gets stuck in my whole body and there’s no way of getting rid of that until you go home and take a long shower! I hate getting into the car all wet and covered in sand. Also, I hate when there’s children running and playing around you and throw you sand – the worst part is when you’re eating and you get sand all over your sandwich.

Damn children!



No, I’m not one of those people who hate getting wet, who by the way don’t make any sense! It’s just water! You ain’t gonna drown under the rain!

What I hate is that when you get wet, it’s easier to get sand stuck in your skin – which I hate, as I’ve said before. Also, as girls, we have longer hair than boys (in general), so hair takes WAY longer to dry. And it’s really freaking uncomfortable to be outdoors with wet hair – water gets colder with time and the drops of the ends fall down the rest of your body. Some of us get colds with that.

But I still like swimming in the sea!tumblr_lppfmkyeqe1qkc2v6o1_r1_500

  • THE SUN:

Human beings need the sun because if it wasn’t for it, life on earth would be impossible blah, blah, blah… But sun also has a lot of disadvantages:

  • It dazzles you
  • If you look at it a lot, you go blind
  • It gives you skin cancer
  • Or if not, you get sunburnt
  • When you have wounds, they hurt really bad when the sun radiates them

And the list could be endless. The ones that scare me more are going blind and the skin cancer, anyway.. I just can’t stand it, I’m like a vampire.tumblr_n5fy5bgzrj1ttu71qo1_500

And that’s a wrap on my list! I hope you could relate and if you din’t, hope you don’t hate me!

What’s something you hate about the beach? What’s something you love about it? Do you agree with what I said on this list? I wanna know what you guys think!!

So that’s all for today! Thanks for reading this post, I hope you liked it, or at least I hope it put a smile on your face. All that being said, hope you have an awesome day!


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