Gorgeous villas to stay in the UAE

Gorgeous villas

Gorgeous villas to stay in the UAE

Feb 3, 2022, 11:40:47 AM Life and Styles

Dubai is a go-to place for maximum relaxation and premium hotel reservations. It is such a sought-after location that the city derives a big chunk of its revenue from immigrants, visitors and tourism. It is no wonder why investors have put in their level best in providing fancy resorts and unmatchable real estate designs; because where the comfort is, the gold will invariably follow.

There are many lovely locations and gorgeous villas with beautiful views that you can stay in the UAE; many of which are in and out of Dubai, but the Villas in Palm Jumeirah are magnificent and are highly recommended.

What to look after when choosing a villa to stay in the UAE

  1. Your Budget: Dubai is a great place to unwind, but you need to consider your budget before picking a resort. Some stunning villas are affordable, and you may want to consider them over the pricey options that offer similar or the same services.
  2. Your taste: After your budget comes preference; are you visiting alone or with others? For this, check out the facilities on the ground and what you’d prefer.
  3. The duration of your stay: Always book earlier, and consider the locations you’d want to visit, proximity to those areas, and decide on an accommodation that is suitable based on that.

Gorgeous Villas in the UAE with great views.

Here are some of the highly voted most gorgeous villas to stay in the UAE and what you can expect from them:

  1. The Regal 5BR Villa in the Frond K, Palm Jumeirah: This luxury suite gives you an appreciation of the outdoor beauties with its amazing outside view, and a most tranquil internal layout. The villa consists of five bedrooms, each having sleeping items and bed space for at least two (2) adults. The villa also has an indoor pool, ample parking space, free internet access via attached wifi, and a beautifully furnished interior.
  2. The Villa Rome Dibba: The villa Rome Dibba is within a walkable distance to Dibba Beach. Due to its proximity to the beach, you get a stunning view of the ocean, ease of access to it, and a private beach area. As a result, lodgers often regard the villa as a semi-beach house. It also has all of the allure of a home except that this time, everything is available in perfect proportion, a big kitchen; all cooking utensils on the ground, 4 master bedrooms, and complete furniture and interior design. 
  3. The S Holiday Homes, Palm Jumeirah: Once again, Palm Jumeirah features on this list of the most gorgeous villas in UAE. This resort houses a breathtaking 5 bedroom villa, with a private beach area, impeccable home away from home feel, and a full suite offer. According to Emirates.Estate the S Holiday Homes resort has a garden attached, a barbecue site and ease of access to the beach, and other key areas in town. The resort receives thumbs up for its beauty and comfortable feel.
  4. The White Villa, Fujairah: This is one of the most popular villas to lodge in the UAE. It is within a stone throw of the umbrella Beach, a full suite with a barbecue corner, a garden, and an amazing interior setup. The villa is coated in white at the inside, decorated in gold, and has a distinguished aura. It has an influx of sunshine and a relaxation area on the balcony from where you can see the nearby Fujairah mall and the adjoining side attractions.
  5. FAM Living Sarai Villas, Palm Jumeirah: Last but not least is the FAM Living Sarai Villas with exceptional indoor facilities, hot tubs, a home-equipped kitchen, and a cool parking lot. These villas are officially one of the most booked resorts in Dubai. It is advisable to book earlier than you visit to have a room reserved. Suitable for family and individual visits alike.

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