How to find Runescape items.

How to find Runescape items.

Sep 29, 2021, 6:19:16 AM Entertainment

Runescape is filled with items, and here are some of the hardest to find.


There is a wealth of items for you to find when playing Runescape. As you can imagine, there is plenty of items that are rarer than others. There is a number of festive and holiday items that you can get your hands on, but today we will be taking a closer look at some other rare items that you can find. So if you want to learn more about these Runescape items, then check out this list.


Disk of Returning


This was an item that was introduced during a time in which players could be punished for breaking rules. They would be sent over to the Black Hole, and had to stay until the relevant time had expired. Eventually, a version was created in which players would have the opportunity to visit the Black Hole. To get out of this hole, you could use an item known as the Disk of Returning.


The Black Hole would be removed from the game, though the item used to escape remained in the game. So whoever does possess the Disk of Returning, they will have a very rare item indeed on their person.


Fish Mask

This is a discontinued item that was available between June and September way back in 2012. This mask was given to players as a reward during Squeal of Fortune. It is now a tradeable rare, so keep an eye out if you are a collector.


Christmas Tree Hat

Runescape hasn't shied away when it comes to adding festive items to the game. One such item is the Christmas Tree Hat. This was available during the holiday period of December 2012, through to January 2013. In order to acquire one, you had to find four presents of differing colour. This was a part of Squeal of Fortune, and often involved combat or skilling. This is another discontinued and tradeable rare in Runescape.


Black Santa Hat

Sticking with the festive theme for a moment, this item was available a year later in December 2013. Lasting through to January 2014, this was a hat you could gain from a festive cracker. You had to use combat and skilling to get these cracks as part of daily challenges. Or, you had to participate in the World Event known as 'The Bird and the Beast'.


Monkey Cape

If you remember Wild Weekends that took place between 26-28 May 2012, then you may remember the Monkey Cape. These Wild Weekends presented activities during Mad May, one of which was Chase the Monkey. If you found all 10 monkeys in this activity, you would obtain this rare cape.


Crown of Seasons

Between June and July 2013, you could win yet another item on Squeal of Fortune, in the form of the Crown of Seasons. Another way to get it was to use four coronets, which you would need materials from the Squeal of Fortune as well. One neat feature of this discontinued tradeable rare was that it would change colour to correspond with the current season.


Half Full Wine Jug

This is one of the rarest items in the entire game. No amount of Runescape gold is going to help you get a jug of this rarity. But what is it that makes this so rare? You used to have to drink jugs of wine in two doses, so drinking it once would leave it half full. Around 2001, this was altered though half full jugs remained in the game. Not many players had the jug in the first place, let alone those who had one that was half full. You will be hard pressed to find another item that is as rare as this jug.


RS3 gold isn't the issue where obtaining these items is concerned. These were simply items that were often available in a certain moment in time. If you were lucky enough to have any of these items, then you'll be able to appreciate just how rare the item is that you have. You are probably familiar with items such as these in other games too. Many other popular titles often use seasonal events to introduce new additions to your inventory. If you do happen to come across a festive event in any game, be sure to keep a hold of it. You never know just how rare it is going to be someday. Even more so in Runescape's case, when you consider just how long it has been running for.


Have you got any of these items? Let us know in the comments section below!

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