How to pack for a house move vs commercial move

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How to pack for a house move vs commercial move

Oct 9, 2021, 6:01:22 AM Business

Although most people assume that moving is the same regardless of whether we’re talking about a house move or a commercial move, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Commercial removals may have a few things in common with moving house but the reality is that they’re two completely separate things that require a different approach, a different period of time, and a different level of effort. 

Moving is a long process and it demands precise organization and planning in advance. It comprises numerous phases but one of the most fundamental ones that are present in both commercial moves and house moves is packing. You should speak with your moving company and request a moving quote that includes the packing service, as well.

In this article, we’ll show you how to pack for a house move and how to make packing easier for a commercial move. 

Packing for a house move 

Packing for moving house is considered the less stressful task when compared to packing for commercial move. Residential moves usually include transporting belongings of a single family, while an office move, for example, is an extremely complex and multi-layered project as there are tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people involved. 

The first thing you’ll need to do for the packing phase of moving house is to prepare your packing materials. Some of the essentials include different sizes of packing boxes, scissors, tape, bubble wrap, plastic bags, foil, markers, labels, and more. It’s best if you’ve selected a certain packing strategy to follow in order to stay organized.

Once you’ve prepared your packing materials, you can follow some of these tips to make the packing easier:

  • Choose the box sizes carefully: use small boxes for books or other heavy items. Use larger boxes for things like pillows, linens, and big in volume but less heavy belongings. 
  • Fill up the boxes completely: leaving empty spaces in the boxes may lead to trouble and your movers may refuse to move them if they feel unbalanced.
  • Use a labelling system: use labels to make a note of which room the box is from or what type of items it contains.
  • Always tape your moving boxes: this will allow openings and torn boxes.
  • Organize your boxes: it’s best to keep heavy items on the bottom while lighter items should be on top. 

Packing for a commercial move 

A commercial move could include the moving of an office, a warehouse, a restaurant, and any other type of business. Although commercial moves may vary completely from one another, there are several insights that can be useful for any type of commercial move. It’s worth noting that a commercial move is best to be planned well in advance, usually about six months before the moving date.

Here are a few packing ideas that will help you get through the process with ease:

  • Create a commercial moving team: allocate responsibilities to your colleagues or employees. Assign A packing manager who will be responsible for handing out packing materials, keeping track of how employees are doing with the packing, and offering support.
  • Prepare for packing expensive materials: unlike a house move, commercial moves usually involve pricey items like technology, laptops, or other valuables. Make sure you have enough protective tools to pack them safely and transport them without chances of damage.
  • Label your boxes: when there are so many people involved in a move, it’s absolutely vital to have a labelling system. Label the boxes according to office number, room, type of supplies included, or any other type of system that will be useful
  • Priorities: remember that while moving, you want to keep your business running. Pack according to priority and leave the things that you work with constantly for last to avoid any pauses for your operations. 

If this is your first time moving, things may seem a bit chaotic, uncertain, and stressful. However, don’t let this unsettle you. As long as you have a list in place and you have planned for the move, you can smoothly go through every step with confidence and ease. Choose a reliable house moving or office moving company that can help you and make the process even easier.

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