iOS 14.6 new features might trick you: Check them out

iOS 14.6

iOS 14.6 new features might trick you: Check them out

May 28, 2021, 6:56:33 AM Tech and Science

iOS 14.6 is now accessible for all eligible devices, almost precisely a month after iOS 14.5 was introduced for iPhones (meaning the iPhone 6S and newer). While this is not the foremost upgrade, it does bring a number of noteworthy new features. You would know how to operate an iPhone from the moment you first pick it up. This is due to the fact that its ground-breaking Multi-Touch interface (which runs on Apple's well-known iOS) was designed just for your fingertips. Its basic but gorgeous Home screen will make it easy to get started with anything. You'll be able to enjoy practically everything and everything the iOS app development services company has to offer thanks to the handset's more than 500, 000 applications. The iPhone, as you can see, is designed to be attractive and user-friendly. This has the potential to make things simpler for you.

The iPhone is now more powerful, simpler to use, and inventive, thanks to the newest generation of iOS. This device will also provide you with fresh experiences. Apple just launched iOS 14.6 and iPad 14.6, which adds to an already impressive list of capabilities for your iPhone and iPad. Let's take a look at some of the features that you'll enjoy in the new iPhone edition.

Give your Apple Card to a member of your family.

Apple included Apple Card Family Sharing with iOS 14.6, allowing you to share your Apple Card account with anybody in your Family Sharing group — a much-requested feature. Sharing is now only possible if you're inviting someone who doesn't already have an Apple Card, but Apple has said that the ability to merge Apple Card accounts will be available beginning in July.

If you still require a mask, Face ID now works with it.

Wearing a face mask keeps you safe during a pandemic, but it makes unlocking your Face ID-equipped iPhone in public an exceedingly irritating experience. You have two options: drop your mask for a fraction of a second or wait for it to ask for your PIN number. Neither of these alternatives is optimal.

When the lower half of your face is obscured, iOS 14.5, the iPhone will seek for your associated Apple Watch to unlock itself.

Siri now has different voices to pick

Siri's voice would benow not default to a female voice for the first time. In reality, Apple has presented two whole new voices to the mix, and even like minor tweaks to the existing ones. When it comes to setting up a new gadget, English speakers have a total of four voices to pick from. Also Read: NZXT Cam Software

Design a Smart Stack widget that you like.

When it comes to widgets, you don't have to use Apple's curated Smart Stack widget. You may make your own widget stack using the same method you'd use to create an app folder. Seriously, deciding which widgets to add takes longer than making the widget itself.

App Clips are little applications that you don't have to install.

Consider App Clips to be small applications that only show you a piece of the functionality of the full app. A Yelp App Clip, for example, may just display you the business hours and menu for a certain restaurant. Would you want to give it a shot? On your iPhone, open the Apple Maps app, search for Panera Bread, touch on a location, and then pick Order Food. Isn't it fantastic? After you've used an App Clip, you may find it in the newly added section of the App Library.

Fitness Plus may assist you in becoming in shape.

Now is the best time to work out at home since gyms are either closed or overcrowded. Apple's Fitness Plus service is embedded right into your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and it tracks your workouts with your Apple Watch. Weekly releases of guided video exercises are made available, with alternatives for all fitness levels. After reading our hands-on with the new service, we'll guide you through all you need to know to get it set up.

Bottom Line

In today's environment, the iPhone has shown to be a valuable item. When Apple debuted the iPhone, they essentially revolutionized and defined the future of mobile phones by combining the features and capabilities of a mobile phone, multi-touch screen, WIFI, and iPod into one ‘smart' product.

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