A-Z Style

A-Z Style

Style is all about exterior extension of personality. Fashion trends fade, but style is the aspect of someone's fashion journey that's supposed to remain constant. The tips I'm about to give you will help develop your style or clearly define the blurry edges if you have in fact already discovered your style. My style has always been bland colors with pop. I love accessories. I'll add a scarf, crazy jacket, or giant statement necklace to any outfit. That's my style-just like Anna Wintour with her sunglasses, Bill Cunningham with his blue jacket, Grace Coddington with her hair, Iris Apfel with her mountains of eccentric necklaces and bracelets, and so on. The great thing about style is that it extends even further than fashion- it also includes creativity and the way that any person with true style expresses it. If you want to find your style, you have to cut the chains of societal norms and trends and genuinely allow yourself to be-well, yourself.  So here's an A-Z list of tips I've discovered in my journey to style.

Always wear clothes that fit your personality- if you are uncomfortable wearing it, then it doesn't fit you

Believe in the outfit you're wearing, even if it's crazy and doesn't match

Carry yourself in a confident manner- show the world you own the world and you aren't going to apologize for anything

Dare to step out of the house in something crazy 

Evolve your interests- becoming more cultured and exploring every curiosity develops who you are and what your style should be

Fake it till you make it- believe you are until you are 

Get to know others with great style- chances are they're just as unique as their style 

Have pieces that fit your style precisely-being yourself precisely on the outside will attract the right relationships

Invest your time in finding the right everyday pieces (wallet, keychains, purse, etc.)

Just go for it-I don't care if your outfit makes sense or not-if it's your style, wear the heck out of it and DO NOT APOLOGIZE TO ANYONE

Know what you want-Now this one takes time, but knowing what you want out of life strongly affects your style. If want to be a CEO, dress so you feel like a CEO.

Love the body you're in and learn how to style around it

Make time to plan your outfit-a great outfit that makes you feel insanely confident takes time, so plan ahead so you never leave the house with doubt 

Never leave the house in an outfit that makes you incredibly anxious and uncomfortable

Own your look- there's a mantra for you

Pay attention to the weather- nothing kills confidence like dressing for a snow day when it's going to be 60 degrees

Queen- walk around the world like you are the queen and you own the world

Revaluate your style often- although style is constant, it should shift as you as a person change

Start with one amazing piece and style around it

Try on before purchasing-you will not wear an item of clothing if you don't feel natural in it-don't fight me on this guys, I still have a shirt I bought 2 years ago hanging in my closet that I have not worn but somehow still think I will- it's an albatross and I don't want you guys to fall in the pit I'm in.

Umbrellas are key- another confidence killer is being unprepared

Value the power of an outfit- if you're feeling yourself, you're more likely to omit that confidence from every aspect of yourself 

Wear what makes you most confident

eXist in outfits that feel like an extension of your personality

Yellow, hot pink, highlighter blue, and other bright colors can give confidence by adding a sense of "I'm better than you because I can wear these eccentric pieces with confidence" 

Zen- being zen and at peace with yourself and loving yourself will give you more confidence than an outfit ever will


Style is all about letting your interests and personality guide you into a look that fits your personality. Now that you've got your tips, go and find your unique style!!







Published by Annabeth Hayes

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