How To Be Productive

How To Be Productive

How to be Productive

No matter what you do in life, you can’t be scared of hard work to be successful. Now while all of us have the occasional days consumed by gelato, Netflix, and naps, it is important to have time where when we work, we work hard. So, I’ve compiled some tips that have helped me be productive.


     1. Know what you need to do

The first step to getting things done is having a clear plan on what actually needs to be done. Knowing what tasks are in front of you tends to help you decide which tasks to tackle first, helping you prioritize and learn time management skills.


There’s an App for that! The app MinimalList is what I use to create helpful and aesthetically pleasing to do lists. The app allows you to allot certain amounts of time for each task and while the time is counting down, encouraging lines pop up to keep you from losing focus or doing something else.


     2.   Have the right attitude

Most of being productive requires having the right attitude. Realizing and accepting that you need to get work done helps get yourself in the right mindset to buckle down and work.


    3.  Put on your favorite music

Music makes me personally more motivated. When trying to get work done, I listen to songs I already know so I am not caught up in new lyrics or a new sound I really like. It allows me to have sound instead of dead silence, but it is so familiar that it doesn’t impede the flow of work getting done.


   4. Adopt this mantra: Work Hard, Play Hard

Being fully committed to whatever is in front of you seems to be an agreed upon idea by the successful people in my life and the successful people I look up to and study. By working hard, you get quality work done. After that work is done, you get to have fun and not have lingering tasks that still need to be completed.


 5. Have a clean workspace

Having a clean and clear workspace provides some inspiration in getting work done. A clean workspace provides an area to work and allows for clear thought processing.

- Annie

Published by Annabeth Hayes

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