How To Make Good Grades

How To Make Good Grades

Grades in school are important. Whether you like it or not, if you plan to further your education through college or even grad school, you need a good GPA. This means you need good grades. I tend to have high grades and there's certain tips I have in order to achieve these grades. It's possible for anyone- it boils down to hard work and commitment. 

1. You can't be afraid of hard work

Let me tell you, school is not all fun with friends, being in relationships, and doing crazy things. A lot of it is taking challenging courses and trying to learn skills for the future. Sometimes these hard classes require hours of studying and practicing. What always helps me to stay focused is knowing that even on breaks for holidays, I get bored after a few days anyways so it's not like I'm missing out on something great. Staying focused and just committing to yourself to buckle down and get some work done usually helps in making a domino effect of inspiration. Once you get some work done, you might like how productive you feel and that can motivate you to get the rest of your work done. 

2. Don't be afraid to be a nerd

In classes, if you want better grades, you can't go in thinking that school sucks and you hate everything (trust me, I know it's hard to fight those feelings at school when you're forced to wake up in the morning  and deal with people). You need to approach classes as learning something interesting. Making classes interesting helps cut down studying time because you already cared enough to commit some fact or information to memory. Plus, this technique seems to help school go by faster. Let's face it, unless you want to go to truancy court, you have to go to school a majority of the time so why not try to make it a little better by actually caring about a class or two?

3. Practice keeps anxiety away

A lot of the time, the information you're tested on comes from homework and quizzes. So if you're stressed about a test (and this works best for math and science), do an example of each type of problem. And you can't just stop there. You need to know the problem inside and out. Why it happened, what is happening,  how it happens, and how that effects the logic in the problem. This requires a lot of studying and focusing. I remember taking Pre AP Algebra 2 and that class was extremely difficult for me. Sometimes I studied up to 5 hours for the tests in that class. That may seem crazy, but I got an A on most, if not all, of those crazy difficult tests. Although you have to work a ton while studying, you go into the test confident and calm and that usually results in higher scores.

4. Don't think about making good grades

Now this point seems to contradict the whole idea of this article. But I seem to do worse in classes when I'm trying to accomplish things for the sake of a high grade. When I think too much about grades, I put too much pressure on myself at all the wrong places. I should focus on creating a product I'll be proud of rather than making something for the sake of a number. When you focus on doing well on assignments and throw yourself into a topic, you naturally start to do better because you begin to think in terms of the topic. This makes tests a whole lot easier in advanced classes because the teachers don't usually teach you all thats on the test because part of the point in taking the hard class is learning something so well that you can handle difficult questions by making educated guesses. The challenge is to know the thought process behind the topic so that you can make the best, and hopefully the correct, guess.

5. Take time away

If you want good grades really bad over an extended period of time, you may be susceptible to burning yourself out. To avoid this, you need to allot time for your school responsibilities and then watch a movie, play with your dog, take a walk, or go out with your friends for some coffee.  When you spend too much time being concerned with having near perfect grades, you start to invest all your self worth in a number. And that's incredibly dangerous. While it's important to have good grades, it is definitely not the most important thing in life. 



Published by Annabeth Hayes

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