My Journey:Part 1-Finding Passion Again

My Journey:Part 1-Finding Passion Again

I've decided to do a series about the journey of life. I feel as if I spent too much time in thinking about the destination that I've lost sight of the crazy journey which is what life actually is. I want to be happy just like you and I think writing truthfully about life can help me and maybe even you. Enjoy. 

MY JOURNEY: Part 1- Finding Passion Again

Passion is what fuels everything. When you think about it, life is not incredibly exciting without passion. Days turn into years, and the years accumulate into nothing but a blob of boring memories. The only way to combat that inevitable lull in passion and drive is to introduce yourself to a new interest or hobby.

In my "era of unmotivation", I decided to introduce myself to the world of architecture. Now I am incredibly interested in architecture to the point that I'd rather stay in eating combination fried rice and watching Smart History videos on architecture than going out. I take pictures of buildings wherever I go and I am not really sure how to pinpoint my fascination other than the fact that once you dive into the world of architecture, you introduce yourself to a world of intricate plans you didn't know were there. Until recently, I had no clue that columns had actual styles or that the slight and purposeful bulging of columns to combat the illusion of bent-ness our eyes create is known as entasis. It's ever crazier diving into arches and domes. Pendentives and squinches support domes as the force travels down a building. The craziest to realize is that a brilliant person or a team purposely planned each of those nuances to create a masterpiece of a structure. 

This world that I've submerged myself in is something I'm seriously considering continuing in my life. Though nothing is certain, I do plan to continue my personal study of architecture as it's something interests me. So, moral of the story; If you're feeling as if you're life is stuck and nothing is exciting anymore, try learning something new or trying something new. Develop a passion for women's rights, climate change, politics, photography, beat poetry, cat videos, etc. I think the thing we really miss as a generation is our relationship between the capacity and capability to learn. While some argue millennials are not as intellectually brilliant as prior generations, I would disagree. We need to expose ourselves to different areas of interest and reposition our intent so that we can use our genius for the good of the world. I found that simply exposing myself to a new interest caused me to find a strong interest and I think you can find one too.

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Oct 30, 2016, 3:36:41 AM

I agree with you Annabeth! Beautiful point made. I definitely am also participating in revitilizing my passion in life and it's interesting to see where interests and hobbies may lead you in the future!

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