Do more of what you 'can't' do!

Do more of what you 'can't' do!

Jun 9, 2016, 2:44:13 PM Sport

Hi People's,
This is essentially my Running story (the brief version), based on the No.1 thing I learned from it.

Strength, Endurance, Speed and Determination

When it comes to the time of day were completely exhausting myself is the most relaxing part. I found that when on my own I very much pick and choose the same routine (the things I am good at) there is no problem with this other than I actually want to be able to achieve the things I 'Can't' do.

"I can't run" Something I have not said in 8 months.

This is a common one, I really used to believe I couldn't run and that I am just not a runner. I used to avoid the treadmill like the plague, however I had a pressing erg to want to be able to run! Seemed a bit weird as I found it so physical difficult even though I am a seasoned cyclist and endure high cardio workouts, nope still couldn't even run for one minuet.
Anyways, I opted for a walk run method (a lot more walking than running at first) gradually increasing the running times and reducing the walking times 8 months down the line I am running 45 minuets to an Hour and still pushing myself & enjoying it (most importantly) and have signed up to next years London Marathon.

Why run, a lot of people say you shouldn't run and that it's not the best form of cardio its "damaging to the body", and I don't think they are wrong but to me the goods out way the bad and I wasn't particularly sure what the goods were until I tried it.

  1. To start with its feels really great to be able to run, literally very freeing
  2. Its has 'changed the game' for me. My Fitness endurance levels have hit the sky. Changed dramatically I have taken time of my cycling miles and increased my distance what feels like overnight (cycling feels 110% easier) I have to work a hell of a lot harder to tier my self out. < Not sure if that's a good thing ;)
  3. Gets me outside more (soak up that vitamin D)
  4. Overall happier person (That Runners High)

So the title kinda gives it away but the more and more I ran the better I got, quiet obviously really.
Going forward this simple practice I have used to improve pretty much anything, I avoided side planks as I found them uncomfortable and tiring so I did them more, and its quiet obvious what happened next!
This is not just something I apply to my fitness this works for pretty much anything, it gets easier every time. ( Be bothered to do the 'hard' part)

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