Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?

   Every single one of us has those times when YOU simply just want to give up on everything, everyone & especially on yourself. There are moments when you are not seeing the purpose of living, fighting. You think “why?” “for what?”

   It makes me incredibly sad that I see & hear this everyday – friends, family, even other people with whom I don’t have any business with. I see it in myself too – of course I’m not different.

   Everyone is fighting their own demons, everyone is trying to walk their path of life as fearless, as “careless ” & as positive as possible.

   But, what happens when all of “this” is just too much, when you feel breathless, hopeless, when you drown in your own feelings & emotions? You are trying to hide it, don’t you? You say it to yourself: ” I am happy , I am “fine”, I am stronger than my thoughts, than my inner voice that’s screaming for help! “- Oh, such a mistake to hide yourself from your own problems, from your soul. I know, it works for a small period of time.

   That “silent” phase – you love it, I love it. You vibrate of happiness, you are a shining star, smiling, laughing – you are as positive as you could be. After that … You fall again. Then you start thinking maybe more clothes, money, more material things will numb the pain – you start wanting to be someone / something else, you copy gestures, looks, someone else’s passions & interests. You think all of this is going to bring you that intensively craved happiness, peace. You want perfection, you are hungry for it. You want someone – someone that could understand you. But after all of this, reality hits you. You are frustrated & more “tired” than ever. You are not “living” you are just coexisting.

   Why am I writing about this? Do I know a cure for this state of mind – the cure for a tired, hopeless soul & body ? My answer : Maybe. I think it has something to do with self love. It all comes down to self acceptance and embracing who you are, your flaws, your everything.

   I know is hard to be in love with yourself, your image, your way of thinking etc. , but think – if YOU are not loving yourself who is going to do it ? Or, would you truly believe in the love someone else is giving you? If you appreciate yourself on that extremely high level, could you imagine what kind of powerful & strong love are you going to attract? Just think – so magical!

   Of course, nothing is going to happen overnight, your self love won’t build itself easy – practice is going to be the key.

   I, myself am on the road to my happy, safe place/ state of mind. That’s why I’m here writing this blog. Of course I do a lot of other things to help me reach my goal – drawing, reading, writing, listening to music, hanging out with positive, mindful people, traveling & the list goes on.

   We are meant to be living – like really feeling the life that flows through our veins. Sadness, negative people & environments are not worth your energy – RUN away from them as quick & far as possible!

Set your soul free & embrace your everything because YOU are worth it!


Published by Anne G

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