This W.S will not be A4-size

This W.S will not be A4-size

Dec 3, 2016, 4:55:52 PM Creative

The last couple of months I have been painting the W.S. collection on small paper, A4 size. Loving it and will continue doing so, but I just can't resist the thought of what will happen if I  let them grow, if I make them on canvas 90 x 90 cm. All kind of strange things happen when you change size. The magic can disappear or something strong can lose it's power, but the opposite can also happen, a small painting in big size can grow in so many more ways then just the size. Very curios what this painting will do, it will take a lot of work before I even can start thinking about .. what I think about it. 

Published by Annica Delfos

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