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Hi dear reader! 

I am Annie! I am a blogger since 2014. Blogging began in the 90´s but although I was a keen fan of the internet since its beginning (I am a research geek), blogging didn´t mean a lot to me at that time. 
Writing, on the other hand, has always been part of my life since I learned to read and write... and meant a lot! I used to write fiction short stories that some of my teachers didn´t believe I could write. That isn´t so good for a child self-esteem 😃 but then I found others who believed and supported my talent unconditionally.
I found supporters among my school friends. Some of my fellow students had no patience, no will to write (and wanted to play instead), and I had no interest, nor will for maths, so we made an agreement...I would write their compositions and they did my math exercises. And every time l would come up with imaginative ideas for stories, always different, and the teachers never found out our agreement. The end of that high school year was a sweet victory to me, as I ended the term writing and rehearsing a play for my colleague to play.
The truth is,  I kept both experiences inside of me, the good and the bad. If there is one inescapable test for everyone, is that life will test you up to your limits. Maybe God wants to see the substance we are made of, as He tests us where we hurt the more.
The twists and turns of life took me on a down turn in my teens. I don´t remember if something major happened, but I remember starting to question everything, even my ability to write. I dumped all my writing in the garbage, my play, my stories, everything. I remember promissing to myself that I would resume writing when, and only when I knew how.
I must contextualize the situation a bit, I was raised in a conservative Christian school, my teachers were scholars, I think they new every grammar, every dictionary by heart. The subject always preceded the verb, the adjectives, the adverbs, the commas, the paragraphs were always placed in the exact place.
Try to box creative writing and creative thinking...the teaching was heavy on rules and regulations and so was Encyclopaedia Britannica...I respect and try to follow grammar rules, and try to be careful and write words correctly. I apply this even more to my second language, English...but mistakes happen (I hope not too much of them), it is all part of the learning process :) 
Then in the 90`s boom! the internet was born, blogging was born and with it what is seemed to be the rise of the dilettante knowledge and power, bye bye scholar knowledge. As everything those dramatic changes brought benefits and disadvantages that still hold true today. One of the advantages is the information one can access and consult easily, with the help of a computer, made irrelevant memorized information, you can access that everywhere you have a computer. Another advantage is that common people can have a voice, can reflect on things and write about them, can try, fail and try again. One of the disadvantages is the casual and superficial way people deal with the huge information they have readily available at their fingertips, waiting to be transformed into knowledge. 
Fast forward to 2013. I began searching the web for topics I could only find in blogs, and some of them became so relevant to me, and their writing was so personal that a year later, I decided to begin my first blog, on the free Wordpress platform called, with the subtitle My Journey of Self-Discovery in the Blogosphere. I had no idea what would come out of it, except that it was a way of resume my writing, and finding my long lost voice. It was also meant to be fun experience and I wanted to see what would happen next. From that moment, it has been a true journey and discovery of myself.
It still amazes me the support and encouragement I found in the Wordpress community, every one of the followers and the comments, the feedback.
I reached some hard conclusions. I had a serious problem with time management and procrastination. One may see a visually appealing post somewhere, all done and perfect, but the truth is it doesn´t go to our blog by inspiration or magic, no, you have to sit your butt on the chair and write. If you are writing about a particular non-fiction topic, of which you know nothing about, you have to add the research time and the outline, and only that can discourage the least prepared soul. 
As this year summer holidays came to an end, I decided that this was the year that I would act, not only dream. I even began my yoga lessons. They are helping me tremendoulsy in keeping a more active life. The fact that yoga is a spiritual practice also appeals to me, since I am very drawn to topics like our spiritual and emotional intelligence, what makes us thick and what can we do to live our best lives, whatever is our notions of best. 
I accept and undestand plurality of life choices, and I am religious tolerant. Our world brought us tremendous diversity, and I intend to admire it, like I admire rainbows.

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