Do you know who is your reader?

Do you know who is your reader?

Aug 16, 2016, 9:13:33 PM Opinion

Hi everyone!

I have something to share with you...neither do I. No, not exactly.

I knew even less when I began my blog in 2014. Since I decided that my blog would be my personal journey of Self-Discovery in the Blogosphere I would write just as I would write in a paper diary. And that´s what I did, and do, most of the time.

I write about what goes on in my soul, about what I think and feel, or when I am challenged by a writing contest.

In doing it I try to affirm my voice, my inner world, and self. It is a way of saying to the world this is who I am, welcome to my world.

Often, in the back of my mind, I try to figure out who my reader is, what kind of person am I writing to.  I know that first and foremost we are writing for somebody other than ourselves, but I have to be honest...focusing on what my heart says to write and focus on whom I am writing to was always kind of a mental gymnastics that I find is too much for me.

I know the readers are our most precious asset, and wouldn´t it be sad if nobody reads what we write? (that happens sometimes, though).

There are a lot of useful content and fancy images and graphics to figure who your "ideal" writer is. If you will ever figure that out, that way I don´t know, but maybe you do...things happen....

But I couldn´t settle until I had an answer to that vital question. As it happens with everything in my life, I would find my answer, my way (yes, Frank Sinatra´s way).

I asked myself, what are the basic things, the non-negotiable things that you don´t question in life? What will be always present in you writing? Even if underlying?

Without much effort, I answered this question, and that would be truth always, authenticity, clarity of intent and expression and focus.

Then I knew immediately what my writing would mirror. So, it was easy for me to know who would read my posts: those for whom these characteristics would be non-negotiable too. Attraction attracts like.

It is true I don´t have a face to my reader, neither a gender, occupation, income, blah, blah, blah, but I have what is most important to me: their hearts.




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