The Melody of Life

I believe that all in itself could be wrapped in a melody. I don´t know if you ever thought of things in this way, but there are pieces of music able to translate every conceivable emotion the human heart is capable of expressing. There are sad melodies, melancholic melodies, and happy melodies...

We might not think a lot about this, but all this makes perfect sense. Music composers do it because they want to translate their state of mind or heart at that particular moment, and that has inspired the composer to write music. Channel what we feel through music is very effective and the result can be beautiful. It is an art form.

I believe that creativity is inherent to human makeup. Feelings can charge our souls and can burden our souls leaving us to feeling heavy, we all now how this feels...All of us should be able to voice the emotions we feel through an art form we feel comfortable with and the one through which we can express best the things we want to voice. In the end, we would have something beautiful to remind us of the sad or happy times. We would have that work, that proof of the things we found in our lives and how we dealt with them. That is healing!

What I look for, in my emotional life and journey, is to nurture and keep a minimum level of joy, that feeling that only depends on us, on our own will (and sometimes effort), and is totally worthwhile. Life is made of bad moments and of good moments, but for the most part, life is composed of days that look the usual same. Even for those days, we can find a particular melody. We have to colour our days, listen to our hearts, our emotions and sing our own melodies.

May our melodies be mindful and wise.


Annie Blue

Published by Annie Blue

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