Flaking Paint Repair on Oil Painting

Flaking Paint Repair on Oil Painting

Apr 30, 2021, 12:50:37 PM Creative

One of the great appeals of classic art is the ability to capture a moment in time. An oil painting from the age of the masters is a welcome reminder of the art and craft associated with human endeavour, in addition to documenting the advance of artistic sensibilities across the world.


Unfortunately, age has as many vices as virtues. Art conservation is critical for any collection, especially vintage oil paintings. As art ages, the paint found in a canvas is likely to begin flaking. Flaking paint repair on oil paintings is the most frequent concern that our art conservation studio in London is faced with. Thankfully, the issue is not insurmountable.


Flaking paint on oil paintings occurs for a range of reasons. Oftentimes, it is simply due to the ravages of age. An older canvas will invariably grow brittle over time, causing the paint to rise and flake. Equally common is accidental water damage, or even an impact collision. No matter the root cause, the art conservation in London is a speciality of Simon Gillespie. Our accredited team often manages flaking paint repair on oil paintings.


Flaking paint repair on oil painting begins with an assessment of the damage. Typically, the grounding of the canvas will be to blame for the flaking. This must be stabilised using a range of materials. This will ensure that once the art conversation process is complete, the flaking is unlikely to reoccur for some time. The process begins with removing layers of varnish from the painting, then coating the canvas with the appropriate materials. This should only be attempted by an accredited art restorer.


Flaking paint on oil paintings also leads to a loss of colour. The art conservation team at London's Simon Gillespie gallery will work tirelessly to restore this vibrancy. We consult with the owner of the artwork, assessing whether they prefer the traditional, muted colour palette of the original work or a brighter shade commonly associated with contemporary art conservation. The needs of the client will always be respected, and the artwork restored – with flaking paint no longer a concern.

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