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Hi there!

I am Anthea a 38 year old woman, venturing in the world as a recent single, self employed mum of one - to a beautiful (yes I know I'm biased) five year old girl who keeps me on my toes everyday. 

I started 2016 with a big family home, partner and full time job.  Fast forward 6 months and I'm single, moving into a small but perfect new home and made redundant from my job and starting my own businesses - yes more than one, no I'm not mad!

So this blog is a journal of my life, the ups the downs and hopefully the inspirational stuff which makes you realise life truly is great. 

Let me set the scene...This blog will be "From Fiancé to single mum.  Employed to Self-employed."  It's going to be anything but dull - join me!

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