Summer essentials part 2

Summer essentials part 2

Jul 8, 2016, 7:45:12 PM Life and Styles

So here it is part two of my summer essentials, I think we all know you cannot be to prepared so here a few more things you need to have.

The first things on this list are vests, for me personally the hot weather is unbearable but I am not the kind of guy to walk around with his shirt of everywhere. There is a time and a place to lose your top and going for a quick bite to eat in town is not one of those occasions.What is the next best thing, vests, you can still show of those sick guns you have been working on for the past six months and feel nice a cool while still keeping all of your dignity.

As to the kind of vests I would recommend there is a few. Personally I am a big fan of sporty vests the ones I own are some Adidas basket ball vests which are great because the material is just so light a breathable it makes summer somewhat bearable. The second sporty vest I own is a  Nike vest I got from Urban Outfitters which just looks nice a basic, simple colours and a well placed logo makes it easy to style. The other styles I own are a just a basic black tank top I got from H&M the cut of it is a little lower and stringier then your average tank top which makes it more breathable. And I also have some muscle tops which are just t-shirts with the sleeves cut off, the have raw hems which gives them a nice edgy look .

The second essential I have on this list are sunglasses, we all know how frustrating it is when you are out sight seeing and every direction you look you are being blinded. Well I have the solution. Sunglasses. Not only are they life savers, but they also look dam stylish. It is a fact that everyone looks 33% more attractive while wearing sunglasses.

Now as for what style sunglasses my personal favourite style is the Club master, I think they look great and are just a little different in comparison to a lot of the sunglasses people wear. The Wayfarer style is also a good choice and you could also go for Aviators however I personally think Aviators look kind of generic and played out. There is a very thin line when wearing them between looking like a complete bad ass and a complete tool they really do have to fit your face just right. The sunglasses I own are just some £2 Club masters I got at Primark. Honestly I either break or lose my sunglasses every summer so for me it is not worth investing in a decent pair however if i was going to I would just go for the classic Raybans.

Now the last essential on my list is a pair of summer appropriate trainers. Big clunky shoes which may have been perfect during the winter lose their place in summer, they just do not integrate into the summer style. For this reason getting some sweet summer shoes is  a must. Now what do I mean by sweet summer shoes, I mean something that looks great with shorts and are comfortable as you are usually always doing something during summer.

For me personally the two pairs I will be wearing the most are firstly my Stan Smiths, white shoes are the definition of summer and these are no exception. Some great alternatives would be some Common Projects, Air Force 1's or some Old Skools. Now the second pair I will be rocking a whole bunch are my woven Roshes. now while Roshes are not my favourite these are so breathable I love them. Really any runner is perfect for summer they are comfy and stylish Asics, Puma, Adidas, Nike and Reebok all make some great runners that are perfect for summer and that wont break the bank.

I hope this list has been helpful and given you some ideas for what you will need for summer.

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