Today's Style & Society

Today's Style & Society

Today's blog will be about the ongoing trends seen in this day and age. Even though it is probably acknowledged by some, I'll provide my own insight on what I think about it all. Well, since band tees and garments of that sort have been on the rise lately, I think it's only right to write about them. Let me know what you think, and comment in the ‘comment section’ below or leave a comment on one of my Instagram photos. Onto the brief synopsis of the content, not only will those be written of, there will be other trend-setting garments spoken of.

Today's trends

Not everybody, but more than 50% of individuals dress the same. I know a lot of you probably don't think about this, but do you ever wonder if people absolutely know anything about the band on their shirt? I honestly believe those shirts were meant to serve a purpose aka fans reminiscing about how great those bands were- not to be part of a new trend that is probably going to die soon and turn into something new. It happens, with the society we live in today; sad truth is, they're pieces of history that are probably going to end up forgotten when the trend dies. Equally important, a paragon could decide to throw something on and a bunch of followers would do the same- causing the act to be reciprocated. I guess a good way to look at it is that this type of repercussion can easily be used for the better of our society. But when will that actually happen??? I don't know. Let's just wait and see.

Do you really like it?

Something I've noticed is that there are people who buy things because they see others with it. You can tell right away if somebody is trying to keep up with the current trend – shout out to the hype beasts. I think people have to take the time to learn how to express themselves through what they wear and do it because it's naturally what comes to them. Another tip; being able to market yourself through self-presentation is also a great asset for the future. Like I've said before, it's something I hope to see happening in the forthcoming years. I'm pretty sure everybody has noticed this- for instance, that one time in 2015 when vans became highly sought-after. Now they're a must-have in most closets. But tell me, what happened to the Stan smith? AM90? Superstars? You don't see people going after them like they used to. Presumably, they're shoes just lying on your shoe rack waiting to be worn again- if they haven't already been beat up. That's just a general example of today's society. What shoe is next to come up on the list? Think of some slept-on shoe you have lying around your room/closet and be prepared to see a vast majority with the same pair. With all of that in mind, I'm pretty sure you've pictured bomber jackets, superstars, destroyed denim, you get my point. Why am I bringing this up? Well I want people to understand that everybody has their own style. Don't be afraid to wear what you want, because in reality you could care less about what others say about you. It's a good thing to start thinking with a mindset similar to that because trust me, with confidence, anything is possible. Our purpose in this life is to reach our true potential and believe me, you can make it happen. Just some food for thought.

In conclusion...

I hope you enjoyed my first post on this site and I achieved my goal of giving you something to think about. You may have some contradicting thoughts about what I had to say but hey, that's what I want to happen. Like I said before, this is just my standpoint on what I think about this day and age. Feel free to share, like and always leave feedback. Stay posted for my next blog, on my other site; and here. Thanks and have a great night! 


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