Fear tune

What is the fear? What you see through it? What can become if not you meet her? I look my drawings and I realize that most speak of fear. Of fear and children.

The fear is a natural message of the body. He warns us against things that could harm us. Once warned, to be able to exorcise should be looked at, analyzed and approached with curiosity and respect. Like a child who’s afraid of the grasshoppers, that escape if he sees one… especially if it starts to jump. One day, however, the child stop he’s self for a moment.He sees her. Can ask to he’s self the why or the how about the fear in front of a creature so defenseless. Maybe it does, maybe not. The fact is that decides it doesn’t want to be afraid of grasshoppers; He try to get closer and take it but it is uncertain and then WIIIISHHHH the grasshopper jumps off! The baby gets scared and would like to run away but something stop the child. Afraid, sure, but it’s not that. He feels like an energy, a force that despite the fear keeps him anchored there. And ‘it concentrated. The grasshopper is not very moved away. He tries again. He approaches by measuring each step because he knows that a single sharp movement can make her escape.He is getting closer. Now he begins to bend. He has it there in front of you. Hell… how is ugly a grasshopper …such a strange eyes, such a mouth. She takes a deep breath. He knows he can not hesitate because otherwise the grasshopper still escape and begin all over again. He knows he can not use too much force because it would end up with the crush or otherwise harm her. Okay, it’s ready. He is afraid, but he is ready. One two Three! Now have it in hand. He looks at her, holding it away. Rotate the wrist in all directions to study it well. Then approaching eyes to see it close. he reflect on what he is feeling: a mixture of fear, curiosity and satisfaction. The child is happy, and now wants to let her go. In fact, the grasshopper takes flight and the baby stays put some more ‘, to think, before you go away.

This anecdote sums up what for me is a healthy and balanced way to deal with fear; totally natural message, albeit sometimes not rationally justified. Face it, without allowing it to grow and develop into something worse: the fear of being afraid. This is a germ that is born and weakens you; and it can often be mistaken for simple fear. The fear of being afraid makes us close in on ourselves, creating walls, barriers. It makes us hide and become blind. Like the child of my story that you see pictured above. So small and frightened by the empty (or full?) surrounding it decides to isolate himself in a tiny space.This that gives him still not a real pleasure because in his heart he understands the situation; but above all, as if he felt observed he performs the last act. Turn off the light, it cancels. Azzurra d’Agostino has given us many beautiful pictures with his rhyme, while I, following his verses I tried the essential gesture to enclose all those pictures. The essence of the fear of being afraid: the close.

Poetry by Azzurra d’Agostino
Drawings by Antony Risi

Published by Antony Risi


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