Outdo yourself!

And here is the final image that I sent to Switch On Future for “Superarti” notice. It was not easy for me to produce an image that satisfice me for this call. It took a lot because it is a very personal issue for me, important. It took a long and last I threw out this work. This image, which at first glance could be read in key quite individualistic, it is for me in reality the concept of how to be untied from everything and everyone (I know, are very generalized terms, but understand) is critical to find a personal road. Road who may not lead anywhere professionally, but at least allows you to grow and mature developing their own critical thinking. Enough with hear, or give advice, just look around with trying to figure out, enough with the talk. You have to listen. And if you fall away from the rest, you force those behind you to do the same. Otherwise you can always stop and wait. The answer comes sooner or later, and in some way.

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